Mountain Men

Mountain Men survive by navigating unforgiving landscapes and battling elements.

About the Show

The HISTORY Channel’s long-running series “Mountain Men,” shines a spotlight on the enduring spirit of the wilderness and the age-old tradition of the “mountain man.” In the farthest reaches of the North American wilderness, some of the bravest men and women chose to step away from modern conveniences to embrace this rugged lifestyle. The ten-episode series takes viewers on a journey to remote, awe-inspiring regions where few dare to venture. Each episode provides an intimate look into the lives of these mountain men and women as they navigate unforgiving landscapes and battle the elements to pursue their independent way of life.

Season twelve features a diverse set of pioneers with unique skills, knowledge and expertise. From trapping and hunting to building shelters and crafting essential tools, these individuals possess an unrivaled connection to nature. Legendary trapper Tom Oar, primitive survivalist Eustace Conway, lion hunter Jake Herak and frontiersmen brothers Kidd and Harry Youren return as they stay true to their life’s calling. Joining the series is Ray Livingston, an African American outdoor survivalist and elite hunter putting down new roots in the mountains of Northeast Washington, Paul Antczak, a hunter and trapper living a remote life in Northwest Montana, and Aron and Jennifer Toland, a couple thriving off-grid with no running water in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia.

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