Season 7 (16)

12 Seasons | 176 Episodes, 146 Unlocked

Episode 16 Hell or High Water
S 7 E 16

Hell or High Water

Aired on Nov 01, 2018

Marty wraps up trapping season with a record haul of fur; Morgan flies solo for the first time over the towering peaks of the Great Alaska Range; Tom battles the rapids and high water on the Kootenai River; Eustace digs deep to raise a down payment to buy land before it falls into the wrong hands; and Jason takes on fast waters to get to his favorite fishing spot.

Episode 15 The Gauntlet
S 7 E 15

The Gauntlet

Aired on Oct 25, 2018

Morgan’s first flight to the homestead hits a wall of bad weather; Mike fights icy currents and fading daylight to get supplies back to his cabin; Tom runs a gauntlet of timber and brush in search of some late season fur; Eustace revives his furniture business to make some fast cash; and Jason forges salvaged airplane parts into high-end cutlery.

Episode 14 Double Jeopardy
S 7 E 14

Double Jeopardy

Aired on Oct 18, 2018

Morgan’s big day goes bust when his plane breaks down; Mike’s supply run across the bay leaves him high and dry; Tom takes on a rare high value commission; and Jake’s dog team hunts down two lions in a marathon high-speed chase.

Episode 13 The Rising Storm
S 7 E 13

The Rising Storm

Aired on Oct 11, 2018
When a massive mid-winter storm tears across Alaska, Marty pushes his machine to the limit while Morgan and Margaret race to make the cut before the snow hits; Eustace revives a lucrative business venture; Jason discovers a hidden bladesmith's bounty; and Tom rebuilds after a loss.
Episode 12 Milestones
S 7 E 12


Aired on Oct 04, 2018

A massive week-long storm tears Morgan’s homestead apart; Mike goes on the offensive for the annual awakening of Kodiak’s bears; Tom takes on a custom order to celebrate an important milestone; and Jason builds a Viking axe that could transform his business.

Episode 11 Conquer the Mountain
S 7 E 11

Conquer the Mountain

Aired on Oct 04, 2018

Marty brings out the big guns for a final frenzied push out of the brush; Morgan and Margaret make a major breakthrough; Mike battles Kodiak’s most treacherous mountain; Jake faces down a pair of predators; and Jason fuels the forge.

Episode 10 Lost Time is Never Found
S 7 E 10

Lost Time is Never Found

Aired on Sep 20, 2018

A mid-winter melt threatens to derail Tom’s season; Eustace masters gravity to keep the water flowing at home; Jason and Mary make a move to feed their growing family; Morgan and Margaret top off a major project; and Mike cashes in on a rare find.

Episode 9 Altitude
S 7 E 9


Aired on Sep 13, 2018

Morgan’s first flight over the peaks leaves him in a dead skid over the edge; Marty fights to double down on a big payday; Eustace bites off more than he can chew to get the job done; and Jason takes River on a mountain rite of passage.

Episode 8 Edge of the Earth
S 7 E 8

Edge of the Earth

Aired on Sep 06, 2018

Eustace battles a beast to bring home a bonus payday; in pursuit of a lion Jake’s team is left hanging on a cliff’s edge; Marty gambles on the ice to make bank, and Mike fights to survive the dangers of bears-infested Kodiak.

Episode 7 Block and Tackle
S 7 E 7

Block and Tackle

Aired on Aug 30, 2018

Tom returns to the field on a rescue mission; The deep freeze leaves Morgan and Margaret scrambling for water; Eustace takes on a risky payday in a bid to buy his neighbor’s land; and Jason’s improvised engineering is a game-changer in the forge.

Episode 6 While the Going is Good
S 7 E 6

While the Going is Good

Aired on Aug 23, 2018

Marty brings in a record haul; Margaret’s extreme flight training leaves her out in the cold; Tom puts his master craftsmen skills to work; and Jake chases his next meal.

Episode 5 Battle Lines
S 7 E 5

Battle Lines

Aired on Aug 16, 2018

Tom takes the fight to the wolves; a lion chase claims a casualty; Morgan builds bigger; and Eustace goes to battle to defend his land.

Episode 4 Fight or Flight
S 7 E 4

Fight or Flight

Aired on Aug 09, 2018

Morgan gets a crash course in extreme winter flying; Marty battles a predator invasion; Tom faces a new wolf threat; Jake and his hounds hunt a rogue lion; and Jason steps in to bring a new life into the world.

Episode 3 Labor Pains
S 7 E 3

Labor Pains

Aired on Aug 02, 2018

In a risky bid to get out of the red, Marty fights to reclaim his long-abandoned turf; Morgan races to build a shelter in the snow and ice of subzero Alaska; Eustace gets a boost in horsepower; Jason and Mary brace for a home birth; and Jake’s lion hunt takes a dangerous detour.

Episode 2 Time and Tide
S 7 E 2

Time and Tide

Aired on Jul 26, 2018

The bears keep Morgan on the run as he tries to secure his catch and escape with his life; Eustace struggles to get back to work without Preston; Jason and Mary prepare for their due date; Tom scales treacherous terrain and Jake readies his team to face down the lions.

Episode 1 Nowhere to Run
S 7 E 1

Nowhere to Run

Aired on Jul 19, 2018

As winter approaches, Morgan battles a bear-infested island for a critical head start on the season; Tom is caught in Montana’s deadly wildfires; Eustace wrestles with the aftermath of Preston’s death, and the Hawk clan prepares for a life-changing arrival.

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