Navy SEALs: America's Secret Warriors

Navy SEALs: America's Secret Warriors

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S 2 E 6

Combat Rescue

Aired on Jun 27, 2018
Whether it is one of their own, or a civilian caught in the chaos of war, combat rescue is one of the most important--and dangerous--roles at which the Navy SEALs excel. Using the three traits they are best known for--speed, surprise and violence of action, the SEALs are sent across the globe to take on rescue missions few others would dare attempt. From the jungles of Vietnam to the mountains of Afghanistan, the SEALs have proved time and again that when it comes to risking their own lives to bring the good guys back home, they are a breed apart.
S 2 E 5

Fallen Heroes

Aired on Jun 27, 2018
Extreme training and combat expertise are only part of what make the SEALs the world's most effective fighting force. What truly sets them apart is their warrior ethos: a code of honor combining courage, discipline, and unhesitating willingness to risk life and limb to accomplish the mission or aid a fallen fellow soldier. This ethos has been tested like never before over the last two decades, with relentless, unprecedented periods of combat in which the SEALs have played out an outsized role. Many SEALs carry permanent injuries, and many have lost their lives--but none of them regret helping defend their nation and their brothers in arms.
S 2 E 4

Kill or Capture

Aired on Jun 20, 2018
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