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  • SEASON 14 7 episodes available
  • SEASON 13 29 episodes available
  • SEASON 12 45 episodes available
  • SEASON 11 41 episodes available
  • SEASON 10 46 episodes available
  • SEASON 9 51 episodes available
  • SEASON 8 46 episodes available
  • SEASON 7 34 episodes available
  • SEASON 6 28 episodes available
  • SEASON 5 30 episodes available
  • SEASON 4 38 episodes available
  • SEASON 3 30 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 32 episodes available
  • SEASON 1 25 episodes available

Full Episodes

S 14 E 6

Up Up and Away!

Aired on Apr 24, 2017

It’s up, up and away with the Pawn Stars when Rick and Corey check out an original Superman costume. Can Rick’s super strength lift what the seller is asking or will archenemy “No Deal” rule the day? Then, Rick tries to program a good price for a retro computer and Corey is rocking and rolling over two vintage music posters. Later, Chumlee tickles the keys of a 1980s Rhodes piano, but if he can’t negotiate a good deal he may end up playing the blues.

S 14 E 5

Spider Pawn

Aired on Apr 24, 2017

Get fired up with the Pawn Stars when Rick investigates the authenticity of a rare 1936 Zippo lighter prototype. Will Rick light the fire on a sale or extinguish the deal when the truth comes out? Then, Corey tries to call in a fair price for an antique rotary phone, but will the seller hang up if it’s a wrong number? Later, it’s a meeting of the Lees when Chumlee meets legendary Marvel Comics creator and writer Stan Lee. Will Stan tell Chum his signed comic is a villainous sham or will he write Chum a superhero’s ending?

S 14 E 4

Buddy, Can You Spare a Thousand?

Aired on Apr 17, 2017
Do the math with the Pawn Stars when Rick considers paying ten times the face value of a rare $1,000 star note. Will the cash really be worth that kind of cash? Then, Rick sets his sights on a World War II Navy gun scope. Will he sail off into pawn heaven with it or will the whole deal get torpedoed? Later, Chumlee investigates the mystery swirling around an ancient bronze statue while Rick and Corey wax nostalgic over a storyboard from the classic animated T.V. movie "How the Grinch Stole Christmas!"

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