Pawn Stars

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Pawn Stars

S 13 E 26

Cutting Edge Pawn

Jan 23, 2017 | 21m 18s | tv-pg l | CC

Drink and be merry with the Pawn Stars when a Pre-Revolutionary American pewter tankard clanks into the shop. Will Rick cheers to an offer or will he put a lid on the deal? Next, original postcards by Jean-Michel Basquiat paint their way in. Will Rick tag them as legendary art or will he vandalize the sale? Then, Corey hits the road to check out a 1960’s Hydro-Cycle Barracuda watercraft. Will he splash up a deal or will the boat be a bust? And later, an early 1900’s blueprint copy machine engineers interest from Rick. Will he submit plans for an offer or will the foundation collapse?

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