Pawn Stars

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Pawn Stars

S 18 E 15

That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles

Apr 19, 2021 | 41m 47s | tv-pg l | CC

When a Mick Foley t-shirt and autographed mask come into the shop, Rick calls in a very special guest to authenticate it. Can he wrestle a superstar price, or end up getting slammed? Next, a seller walks in with an unopened McDonald's cookie from the 1980s. Will Corey take a bite out of this deal, or will the negotiation go stale? Later, Murray the Magician shows Chum a few tricks up his sleeve when they check out a magical book. Is a purchase in the cards, or is the deal cursed? And finally, Rick and Corey clown around in LA when they take a road trip to see a collection of vintage coin operated arcade machines. Can they score big, or will it be game over?

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