Pawn Stars

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Pawn Stars

S 19 E 3

Rick and Chum's Wild Ride

Oct 16, 2021 | 42m 0s | tv-pg l | CC

When Corey becomes enchanted with a collection of magical memorabilia, can he conjure up a deal, or will he lose his head over the outrageous prices? Then, Rick checks out a rare first edition copy of Anne of Green Gables. Will he be able to make a princely deal, or will he read the seller the riot act? Next, a vintage Harley t-shirt makes Corey go hog wild. Can he thread the needle and land a deal, or will the seller take him for a ride? And finally, Rick and Chum head to California to take a peek at a massive Disney collection. But will this wild ride make their heads spin before they can take home a piece of this wonderland?

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