Swamp People

The gator hunters of Louisiana must compete to “tag out” before the season ends.

About the Show

As nature exerts its power across all of America and the globe, the swampers of Louisiana face a brand-new challenge. Some 350 prime gator tags are at stake for next season—but to get them, gator hunters must compete now! It’s renewal time for tags in Louisiana, which are usually granted in five or ten-year deals. This year, the large landowners who hold the tags have made it clear that they’re only willing to work with hunters who land the biggest beasts. Future tags will go to the swampers with the biggest average catch. It’s all on the line for our swampers, who will go all-in to secure their future and safeguard their families. And there’s a bigger potential prize: whoever lands these prime tags could even dethrone the king of the swamp. Who will win? Who will lose? And who will get pushed out?

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