Swamp People: Serpent Invasion

Troy teaches his alligator-hunting partner the ins and outs of python hunting.

About the Show

“King of the Swamp” Troy Landry teaches long-time alligator-hunting partner Pickle Wheat the ins and outs of python hunting, but sometimes even the most experienced hunters walk away with scars. Meanwhile, veteran snake hunter Bill Booth and Florida hunter Tess Lee must learn to work as a team if they hope to put a dent in the growing python population. Zak and newcomer Aaron hunt pythons in an ancient canal system and almost get in over their heads. Dusty Crum finds the fight for the Everglades knocking at his front door.

The Florida Everglades are under siege. An invasion of Burmese pythons has this natural wonder in a stranglehold. Entire species of animals are being wiped out. Aggressive, ravenous and incredibly fast breeding, these pythons have no natural predators to stop them…except man. To combat these serpents, Florida created the Python Elimination Program. In between alligator seasons, Louisiana’s best hunters — “King of the Swamp” Troy Landry, his sharpshooting son Chase, legendary gator hunter Bruce Mitchell and big fish wrangler Zak Catchem — are stepping up to help. Together with professional snake hunter Bill Booth, the men dive deep into the underbelly of the Everglades to capture these beasts.

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