Aaron Crum

Season 3

Aaron Crum lives and works in Saint Augustine, Florida. He’s a tattoo artist, gunsmith and owns his own tattoo and gun shop. Aaron finds it hard to focus on just one thing. He is a renaissance man. He has more interests and hobbies than da Vinci. Aaron is always on the move—Up at 4:00 am and running non-stop well into the night. He’s arranged his life so that he only works four hours a day. After that, his time is his. He’s a diver, he breaks horses, he’s a farrier and he restores motorcycles. None of his trucks are less than 20 years old (and they all run like a top).

Ever since he was a kid, Aaron has preferred the woods. He and his buddies would spend every minute they could turning over logs and walking the creeks, looking for those racers, rattlers and moccasins (some of the deadliest snakes in the world). Years later, the “Serpent Invasion” started to endanger South Florida wildlife. Aaron has taken up the challenge. He won’t stand by while pythons destroy the Florida he remembers as a kid. It’s his responsibility to stop them.