Season 10 (16)

11 Seasons | 196 Episodes

Episode 1 Clear and Present Danger
S 10 E 1

Clear and Present Danger

Aired on Jan 31, 2019

The swampers are faced with a gator invasion that’s threatening their community like never before. Determined to protect their neighbors, Troy teams up with swamp legend Terrel Evans, Jacob enlists python expert Dusty Crum to join the hunt, and veteran swamper Ronnie Adams puts his new partner, Ashley “Dead-Eye” Jones to the test as they venture into a wild swamp known as “the cemetery.”

Episode 2 Click Click
S 10 E 2

Click Click

Aired on Feb 07, 2019

RJ and Jay Paul battle the gator explosion on sacred ground. Ronnie and Ashley track the sinister dinosaur terrorizing a community, and Joey has a new secret weapon to bag more predators than ever before.

Episode 3 Leviathans
S 10 E 3


Aired on Feb 14, 2019

Joey and Zak need a bird’s-eye view to find the beast breaking all of their lines. Ronnie and Ashley take a gamble by pursuing gators on land. Jacob and Dusty try their luck hunting giant beasts in a small boat.

Episode 4 No Man's Land
S 10 E 4

No Man's Land

Aired on Feb 21, 2019
As hunters travel deep into the swamp, Joey and Zak use an off-road buggy to chase a giant bull gator. Daniel and Big Tee journey by land to reach a far off honey hole, while Willie has an old score to settle in the eerie Black Lagoon. Frenchy and Gee upgrade their boat with a Cajun trick.
Episode 5 Cow Killers
S 10 E 5

Cow Killers

Aired on Feb 28, 2019
Daniel and Big Tee respond to an urgent call for help from an old friend. Ronnie and Ashley bring out a secret weapon to bag colossal gators, while Frenchy rolls up his sleeves to protect his own land. Troy and Terral pursue a slippery old nemesis.
Episode 6 Bringing the Heat
S 10 E 6

Bringing the Heat

Aired on Mar 07, 2019
As the Swampers battle the extreme heat, Ronnie pushes himself to the brink. Troy and Terral head out on an overnight mission to defend a state park, while Dusty uses some Everglades magic in the swamp. With Big Tee injured, Daniel goes on a risky solo mission.
Episode 7 Cajun Cyclone
S 10 E 7

Cajun Cyclone

Aired on Mar 14, 2019
As a major storm rages in the Gulf Coast, Troy, Terral, Jacob and Dusty race to run their lines before the storm sinks their gators. Meanwhile, severe lightning forces Ronnie and Ashley to take emergency shelter, while a broken water pump threatens to sink Frenchy and Gee in the middle of a thunderstorm.
Episode 8 Raising the Stakes
S 10 E 8

Raising the Stakes

Aired on Mar 21, 2019
Ronnie wins extra tags in a poker game that he and Ashley are eager to fill and cash in. RJ and Jay Paul chase a bold beast encroaching on their family land, while Troy plans a nocturnal stakeout to catch the mysterious man poaching his lines. Joey and Zak stalk a vicious cannibal that is terrorizing other gators in their territory.
Episode 9 Hungry for More
S 10 E 9

Hungry for More

Aired on Mar 28, 2019
Before Dusty returns to Florida, he's determined to help Jacob bag a behemoth that's been eating other gators. Frenchy and Gee hunt for the beast that's been stealing all of their bait, while Troy and Terral ruthlessly pursue the deadly giant that killed their neighbor's dog. Willie takes on a 900 pound monster that's been taking bites out of his catches.
Episode 10 Night Terrors
S 10 E 10

Night Terrors

Aired on Apr 04, 2019
The Swampers brave eerie waters to hunt creatures after dark. In a time honored tradition, Jacob and Holden pursue frightening gar fish. Ashley and Ronnie battle flying carp in Mississippi while catching elusive gators at night. Frenchy and Gee go frogging for a tasty delicacy. On an overnight bow fishing adventure RJ shows Jay Paul that he's still the hunter to beat. Daniel and Joey show Zak how shrimpin' is done in the Gulf.
Episode 11 Wild Wild Swamp
S 10 E 11

Wild Wild Swamp

Aired on Apr 11, 2019
Troy and his armada take an overnight trip to the legendary hunting ground, Cow Island. Joey and Zak go on a special mission to protect the Edgar's hometown while Daniel takes matters into his own hands to deal with a poacher. A bad "fish kill" means easy eating for the gators, forcing RJ and Jay Paul to snipe them from long range.
Episode 12 Legends of the Swamp
S 10 E 12

Legends of the Swamp

Aired on Apr 18, 2019
Joey and Zak doggedly pursue the mysterious gator known as the Phantom. Ronnie and Ashley venture into Dead-End Bayou and up the ante with a side bet. Troy spends the day with a swamp legend. Engine trouble threatens to leave Willie stranded and ruin his hunt for giant monsters.
Episode 13 Rolling with the Punches
S 10 E 13

Rolling with the Punches

Aired on May 02, 2019
In the race to tag out, the hunters are pulling out all the stops. Daniel and Big T use a special bait while Ashley surprises Ronnie with a secret weapon of her own. Frenchy needs "Cinderella" to reach a remote honey hole but can his trusty boat handle these oversized beasts? Willie goes all out to take down an old nemesis.
Episode 14 Tag Out or Die Trying
S 10 E 14

Tag Out or Die Trying

Aired on May 09, 2019
It's the last day of gator season and the race is on to tag out. Troy and his armada are out in full force and ready to do whatever it takes to fill every last tag. Daniel and Big T search for the elusive predator, "Black Gold," while Joey and Zak venture onto sacred ground to track down giant monsters. RJ and Jay Paul face a major problem that could jeopardize their entire season.
Episode 15 Voodoo Python
S 10 E 15

Voodoo Python

Aired on May 16, 2019
In this special episode, gator season may be over but Troy Landry is still battling monsters in the swamp. A snake invasion is threatening the community and Troy calls in some friends to help him track down the sinister Voodoo Python.
Episode 16 Crocogator
S 10 E 16


Aired on May 23, 2019
In this special episode, Troy heads to the Everglades to help a friend hunt down mysterious invasive species that are terrorizing locals, including massive hybrid snakes and the fabled "crocogator."
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