The Butcher

The Butcher

S 1 E 3

A Poultry Sum

Jun 05, 2019 | 42m 29s | tv-pg v,l | CC

Four skilled butchers battle to showcase their sharp knives and keen talent in this first-of-its-kind, high-stakes meat competition. First, the butchers must break down a massive side of bison using only a traditional Native American weapon–the tomahawk. It’s a race against the clock as the competitor with the fewest number of acceptable retail cuts is sent home. The remaining three must produce sausages to an exact size using only a talent unique to butchery–eyeballing the length without the use of a ruler. Only two advance to the final round to take on a baffling monster fowl: an Ostrich. Whichever craftsman can produce the most value from their ostrich cuts will earn the title of Butcher Champion and bag the $10,000 prize.

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