Season 1 (6)

2 Seasons | 16 Episodes

Episode 1 Betrayal
S 1 E 1


Aired on Mar 06, 2018

Treasure hunter Marty Lagina learns of a mystery that rivals Oak Island when he meets fellow Michigan native Kevin Dykstra. Kevin believes he’s found a trail to a fortune in confederate gold that lies at the bottom of Lake Michigan. But he needs Marty’s help to get it.

Episode 2 Right on Track
S 1 E 2

Right on Track

Aired on Mar 13, 2018

Evidence of a possible forgotten railroad energizes Kevin and his team as the pressure builds to convince Marty Lagina to join their quest in the recovery Civil War gold.

Episode 3 In Plain Sight
S 1 E 3

In Plain Sight

Aired on Mar 20, 2018

The team unearths evidence of a secret tunnel while new clues suggest a deeper mystery than just the missing Confederate gold.

Episode 4 The Utah Connection
S 1 E 4

The Utah Connection

Aired on Mar 27, 2018

With only one shot left to convince Marty to join their search, the team heads west where new clues are revealed.

Episode 5 Overboard
S 1 E 5


Aired on Apr 03, 2018

Peril strikes during a daring dive threatening to sideline Kevin and his team just as they begin their search of Lake Michigan.

Episode 6 All That Glitters
S 1 E 6

All That Glitters

Aired on Apr 10, 2018

Kevin and his team battle serious injury and dangerous waters in their determination to find a fortune in stolen gold at the bottom of Lake Michigan.

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