Dan Blankenship, The Curse of Oak Island

Dan Blankenship

Before his death in March of 2019, Dan was Rick and Marty’s partner and the man who knew the most about Oak Island’s legends and its tightly guarded secrets. He spent over 50 years—and an untold fortune—searching, drilling and digging on the island. Dan read the same 1965 Reader’s Digest as Rick and, shortly thereafter, uprooted himself and his wife from their life in Florida to get in on the treasure hunt.

He never gave up the search, and his legacy will live on until the treasure is found. “It is way too late [to turn back],” Dan once said. “It’s been too late for a good many years. I had a good contracting business in Florida. I had friends, a good reputation and I shucked it all to come up here and make a gamble.”