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  • SEASON 5 19 episodes available
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  • SEASON 3 14 episodes available
  • SEASON 2 10 episodes available
  • SEASON 1 5 episodes available

Full Episodes

S 5 E 18

Amazing Discoveries

Aired on Mar 06, 2018

It’s the season finale and the moment of truth for the fellowship of the dig, as the guys are faced with the burning question: quit or continue?

S 5 E 17

A Family Album

Aired on Feb 27, 2018

The Oak Island mystery has lured generations of treasure hunters. In this one-hour special, we revisit the families that have been a part of Oak Island’s history for more than two centuries.

S 5 E 16

Seeing Red

Aired on Feb 27, 2018

With little time before the team must suspend operations for the harsh winter ahead, the fellowship battles the shifting tides of Smith’s Cove and finds evidence that may support one of Dan Blankenship’s early theories.

S 5 E 15

Steel Trapped

Aired on Feb 20, 2018

It’s all hands on deck in the Money Pit as the team hits something in the DMT shaft that may prove to be the last thing standing between it and the answers below. Meanwhile, Gary Drayton strikes again when he zeros in on a find that could be a key piece of a missing treasure chest.

S 5 E 14

The Templar Connection

Aired on Feb 13, 2018

The discovery of the mysterious lead cross raised new questions about a Knights Templar connection. Tonight, we take a look at Templar history and the compelling Templar clues the team has found so far.

S 5 E 13


Aired on Feb 06, 2018

The plot thickens around the discovery of the lead cross as a new theory points to possible ancient origins, while Rick pulls an artifact from the swamp that may support one of Fred Nolan’s theories.

S 5 E 12

A Key to the Mystery

Aired on Jan 30, 2018

A skeleton key and maps from Fred Nolan’s archives open a new door in the Lagina’s quest, while new evidence suggests a Templar connection to the lead cross found in Smith’s Cove.

S 5 E 11

Moving Targets

Aired on Jan 23, 2018

Further investigation suggests a link between the mysterious medieval cross and the Knights Templar.

S 5 E 10

The Signs of a Cross

Aired on Jan 16, 2018

The team unearths a ship’s log detailing the burial of treasure on an island eerily similar to Oak Island, and Rick and Gary make what may prove to be the biggest find on Oak Island, ever.

S 5 E 9

The French Connection

Aired on Jan 09, 2018

A research expedition to a French castle and prison reveals new clues, including ancient carvings that strengthen a possible link between the Knights Templar and Oak Island.

S 5 E 8

Dan's Breakthrough

Aired on Jan 02, 2018

New evidence confirms a European presence on Oak Island 100 years before the discovery of the Money Pit, while new research suggests a clear pathway from the Knights Templar to Oak Island.

S 5 E 7

The Lot Thickens

Aired on Dec 19, 2017

(Individual episode synopsis is currently not available.)

S 5 E 6

Remains of the Day

Aired on Dec 12, 2017

After years of searching and speculation, the Lagina’s and their team unearth evidence of what Marty believes proves the exact location of the ultimate target — The Money Pit.

S 5 E 5

Bone Dry

Aired on Dec 05, 2017

The discovery of an old document offers new clues on the exact location of the Money Pit, and the fellowship of the dig makes a cryptic discovery at uncharted depths.

S 5 E 4

Close Call

Aired on Nov 28, 2017

Danger strikes just as the geo-tech drilling team hits a possible void in the Money Pit and the discovery of a long lost artifact leads to an emotional reunion for one of the surviving members of the legendary Restall family.

S 5 E 3


Aired on Nov 21, 2017
New, hard evidence of a European presence on Oak Island more than a century before the discovery of the Money Pit exhilarates the team, until alarming news threatens to shut down the entire operation.
S 5 E 2

Dead Man's Chest

Aired on Nov 14, 2017

Evidence of a possible pirate presence on Oak Island mounts when a treasure chest from the 1700’s is revealed and the brothers Lagina get stunning news about a find from the Money Pit’s GAL-1 shaft.

S 5 E 1

Forever Family

Aired on Nov 07, 2017

Peril strikes during a daring dive as brothers Rick and Marty Lagina double down on their efforts to locate the original Money Pit with the most ambitious engineering operation in Oak Island history, while the fellowship of the dig is faced with a tragic loss of one of their own.

S 5 E 0

The Journey So Far

Aired on Nov 07, 2017

In this pre-season special, Matty Blake treks to Oak Island to get new insight from the brothers Rick and Marty Lagina on the many highlights from the first four years of their quest, plus an exclusive look at the new season ahead.


Oak Island, a small wooded island just off the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, is said to be the hiding place of a mysterious buried treasure. An ominous legend says that seven people must die in pursuit of the treasure before Oak Island will reveal her secrets. So far, the body count stands at six.


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