The Curse of Oak Island

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Season 1 (2)

11 Seasons | 211 Episodes, 189 Unlocked

Episode 5 The Find
S 1 E 5

The Find

Aired on Feb 09, 2014

Rick and Marty Lagina make one of the biggest discoveries in the 200-year old search for treasure on Oak Island.

Episode 4 The Secret of Solomon's Temple
S 1 E 4

The Secret of Solomon's Temple

Aired on Jan 26, 2014

A visitor to the island presents Rick and Marty Lagina with his incredible theory about where the treasure on Oak Island is located.

 3 Outdoors: Voices from the Grave
S 1 E 3

Outdoors: Voices from the Grave

Aired on Jan 19, 2014

(Extended, combined 3-hour episode; includes new footage.) As Rick and Marty Lagina begin work to drain a mysterious swamp, they are visited by a woman who lost her father and brother to a tragic accident on Oak Island that gave rise to rumors of a deadly curse.

 2 The Mystery of Smith's Cove
S 1 E 2

The Mystery of Smith's Cove

Aired on Jan 12, 2014

When the team discovers something very unusual at Smith’s Cove, Rick and Marty Lagina believe they’ve made a huge breakthrough in unlocking Oak Island’s secrets.

 1 What Lies Below
S 1 E 1

What Lies Below

Aired on Jan 05, 2014

Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina now own most of the mysterious Oak Island. Determined to resurrect the 200 year old search for treasure, they explore an abandoned shaft called 10-X. What they find gives them reason to believe that the stories of something buried on the island may very well be true.

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