The Curse of Oak Island

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Season 8 (25)

11 Seasons | 217 Episodes, 189 Unlocked

Episode 25 The Silver Spooner
S 8 E 25

The Silver Spooner

Aired on May 04, 2021

Just as the team receives scientific evidence that there is a massive amount of silver is the Money Pit, the first snow of the harsh winter falls on Oak Island. The fellowship gathers in the war room one last time for an exciting and emotional accounting of this year’s groundbreaking discoveries and what comes next.

Episode 24 Silver Lining
S 8 E 24

Silver Lining

Aired on Apr 27, 2021

As winter descends on Oak Island leaving only days left of this year’s search, the team is euphoric when scientific data suggests there is a massive amount of silver in the Money Pit.

Episode 23 Old Wharfs Tale
S 8 E 23

Old Wharfs Tale

Aired on Apr 20, 2021

When an Oak Island local leads the team to a previously unknown giant wharf, the mystery of Samuel Ball deepens.

Episode 22 Be There or T-Square
S 8 E 22

Be There or T-Square

Aired on Apr 13, 2021

The team uncovers what appears to be a wooden doorway under Samuel Ball’s property and a new Templar connection is made when an ancient tool is discovered in the swamp.

Episode 21 Off the Railing
S 8 E 21

Off the Railing

Aired on Apr 06, 2021

With winter quickly approaching and time running out, the fellowship unearths the most compelling evidence yet that a ship may have been buried deep in the swamp.

Episode 20 Fire in the Hole
S 8 E 20

Fire in the Hole

Aired on Mar 30, 2021

Evidence of a continuous burn event in the swamp energizes the team, supporting the theory that a ship was burned and buried there centuries ago.

Episode 19 A Loose Cannonball
S 8 E 19

A Loose Cannonball

Aired on Mar 23, 2021

With cold weather approaching and time running out, another discovery in the swamp stuns the fellowship.

Episode 18 Cannon Fodder
S 8 E 18

Cannon Fodder

Aired on Mar 16, 2021

As the team chases the trajectory of the stone pathway in the swamp, they discover pieces of an English cannon dating back to nearly a century before the Money Pit, suggesting that whatever may have been buried there, was worth fighting for.

Episode 17 Staking Their Claim
S 8 E 17

Staking Their Claim

Aired on Mar 09, 2021

Marty and Gary are amazed when they make a top pocket that suggests Samuel Ball had ties to British royalty.

Episode 16 Leather Bound
S 8 E 16

Leather Bound

Aired on Mar 02, 2021

With further excavation of the ever-expanding stone roadway, the team uncovers more evidence of a possible maritime connection.

Episode 15 Cask and You Shall Receive
S 8 E 15

Cask and You Shall Receive

Aired on Feb 23, 2021

Excitement grows when the team discovers evidence of wooden casks on the mysterious stone roadway, while new research may have them closer than ever to locating the original Money Pit.

Episode 14 A Bend in the Road
S 8 E 14

A Bend in the Road

Aired on Feb 16, 2021

As the team meticulously uncovers the swamp’s stone roadway, they hit on the first signs that it could be heading toward the Money Pit.

Episode 13 The Fellowship of the Ringbolt
S 8 E 13

The Fellowship of the Ringbolt

Aired on Feb 09, 2021

As the team follows the trajectory of the mysterious stone pathway in the swamp, they discover an elusive piece of Oak Island lore. And Gary uncovers evidence suggesting a treasure was, or is, nearby.

Episode 12 Digging Their Heels In
S 8 E 12

Digging Their Heels In

Aired on Jan 26, 2021

While searching the spoils excavated from the Money Pit area, Alex Lagina discovers evidence of human activity deep underground, dating back to 1492.

Episode 11 Rocky Road
S 8 E 11

Rocky Road

Aired on Jan 19, 2021

Digging deeper than ever before, the Laginas and their team find evidence of previously unknown structures in the Money Pit. While in the swamp, Gary strikes gold.

Episode 10 Connecting the Lots
S 8 E 10

Connecting the Lots

Aired on Jan 12, 2021

Rick, Marty and the team are astonished when they realize the mysterious stone roadway in the swamp may be heading directly towards the Money Pit.

Episode 9 Rock, Paper, Serpents
S 8 E 9

Rock, Paper, Serpents

Aired on Jan 05, 2021

Further excavation uncovers more evidence that the stone structure in the swamp could be a roadway, and analysis of the serpent mound has it dating back to the Templars, suggesting it may be one of the most important features discovered in North America.

Episode 8 High on the Bog
S 8 E 8

High on the Bog

Aired on Dec 29, 2020

While the discovery of a possible slipway in the swamp reinforces the team’s eagerness to excavate further, the fellowship is shocked when they learn Zena’s map may have been pointing to the elusive Treasure Vault the entire time.

Episode 7 Mounding Evidence
S 8 E 7

Mounding Evidence

Aired on Dec 22, 2020

While powerful currents threaten Alex and Tony’s dangerous dive in the Northern Atlantic, Rick and Marty investigate a mysterious earthen anomaly.

Episode 6 Seaing is Believing
S 8 E 6

Seaing is Believing

Aired on Dec 15, 2020

The discovery of an expanding stone roadway under the muck of the swamp sends the team out to sea to investigate exactly how far it reaches.

Episode 5 The Master Plan
S 8 E 5

The Master Plan

Aired on Dec 08, 2020

Excitement abounds when new research shines light on a possible master plan created with strategically placed boulders that could point the team directly to the Money Pit vault.

Episode 4 Alignment
S 8 E 4


Aired on Dec 01, 2020

The team is amazed when an evolving theory accurately identifies two man-made anomalies that they believe may be landmarks created to pinpoint the Money Pit.

Episode 3 If the Ox Shoes Fit
S 8 E 3

If the Ox Shoes Fit

Aired on Nov 24, 2020

As Gary and Jack unearth new evidence suggesting substantial industry between Lot 15 and the mysterious swamp, the fellowship makes the aggressive and expensive decision to excavate the mysterious bog entirely, once and for all.

Episode 2 The Boys are Back
S 8 E 2

The Boys are Back

Aired on Nov 17, 2020

Out of quarantine and ready for action, Rick, Marty and the team unearth hard evidence of a centuries old tar kiln, suggesting significant industry happened on Oak Island long before the discovery of the Money Pit.

Episode 1 Remote Control
S 8 E 1

Remote Control

Aired on Nov 14, 2020

In the midst of a worldwide pandemic, Rick, Marty and the team return to Oak Island. Armed with evidence of possible tunnels leading to the Money Pit, the fellowship is convinced they have the tools to solve the Oak Island mystery once and for all.

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