The Curse of Oak Island

Brothers Rick and Marty Lagina return with their boldest plans yet.

About the Show

Working with representatives from Dumas Contracting Ltd., the Garden Shaft in the Money Pit area will extend the refurbished 82-foot deep, mid-18th century structure down some twenty feet deeper underground. It is there, where they hope to breach a mysterious tunnel discovered one year ago that runs almost directly beneath the shaft and into an area known as “The Baby Blob” where high trace evidence of gold, silver and other metals was previously detected through cutting edge water testing. Meanwhile, the Lagina’s Fellowship will proceed with a strategic core drilling program across the area in search of other valuable targets that Dumas can potentially help them reach by constructing new underground tunnels.

On Lot 5, located on the western side of the island, working with archaeologist Laird Niven and his associates, the team will continue investigating the entire area, including two mysterious stone features that may date back more than a century prior to the discovery of the Money Pit in 1795. Last year, it was on this newly acquired property that metal detection expert Gary Drayton unearthed not only an ancient Roman coin but also a lead barter token, which may be connected to the 14th century lead cross that was discovered back in 2017 at Smith’s Cove.

Meanwhile, in the swamp, the team reconstitutes their investigations of numerous man-made structures, some of which, have been dated back as much as eight centuries.

As stunning discoveries continue to be unearthed during all of these endeavors on Oak Island, the team’s research will lead to the most monumental journey overseas yet to multiple European and North American destinations that will offer new, shocking evidence that the medieval order of the Knights Templar may very well be connected to the world’s longest running treasure hunt.

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