The Hunt

The Hunt

S 1 E 5


Jul 06, 2014 | 43m 11s | tv-pg v,l | CC

Alaskan residents and husband-and-wife hunters Hal and Michelle begin their quest for the Kodiak Brown bear. Michelle, a newbie hunter, is the one with the tag and her husband Hal will be right by her side coaching her while they navigate the treacherous Kodiak terrain. After a brutal rainstorm, which threatened their cabin, and stalled their hunt, the weather breaks giving Buckey and Steve an opportunity to take their hunters back out to track for bears. But when the group does come upon one, hunter Kyle comes down with a serious case of boar fever. Heading out for his second hunt of the season, Native American guide Mike and his hunter, John embark on an intense mission to find a bear. John is tasked with a difficult decision to shoot from the guide boat and a glimpse of a monster-size bear puts Mike in the terrifying position between a protective sow and her cub.

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