The Mega-Brands That Built America

New Season Sun., Apr. 28 at 9/8c; Stream Next Day

The origin stories of some of the most successful brand names in history.

About the Show

Season two of “The Mega-Brands That Built America” delves into the surprising origin stories behind some of the world’s biggest brands like Netflix, Sony, Nike, Marriott, Apple, Microsoft, and more. Peyton Manning joins this season, both onscreen and as an executive producer, with his company Omaha Productions to produce alongside Lucky 8. The nonfiction series offers a vivid portrayal of different brands across retail, sports, electronics, hospitality, and more and the trailblazing founders whose brilliance, tenacity, and fearlessness cemented cutting-edge products in the hearts and minds of consumers. Weaving together archival footage, original recreations, and expert interviews from Bill Rancic, Adam Richman, Yohuru Williams, Natalia Mehlman Petrzela, and others, each hour-long episode recounts the triumphs, failures, rivalries, and groundbreaking innovations of the colossal brands that revolutionized our nation.

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