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 1 The Great Adventure
S 1 E 1

The Great Adventure

Aired on May 30, 2022

Born into a world of privilege in an America on the brink of global expansion, Theodore Roosevelt fights to make his mark in the world. His thirst for life takes him to the halls of power in New York, the Dakota Badlands, and the battlefields of Cuba…but at age 42, fate intervenes to propel him toward his greatest adventure yet.

 2 The Man in the Arena
S 1 E 2

The Man in the Arena

Aired on May 31, 2022

After President McKinley’s assassination, Roosevelt takes the reins during one of the most turbulent periods in American history. Relentless and compassionate, his determination to fight for the working man reshapes the political landscape forever and leads America into the 20th century.

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