UFO Hunters

UFO Hunters

S 3 E 10

The Silencers

Oct 29, 2009 | 44m 29s | tv-pg | CC

UFOs are the biggest mystery of our time and somebody–or something–seems determined to keep it that way. Hundreds of UFO researchers and witnesses have told of terrifying encounters with mysterious men, usually dressed completely in black, who threaten terrible consequences if they don’t keep silent. The Men in Black seem to appear out of nowhere, know facts the witnesses haven’t divulged to anybody, and frequently display bizarre behavior, leading some to question whether they are in fact, human. The team interviews men who are only now willing to come forward to tell their stories. A sketch artist will create portraits of the MIB to see if the sightings match. The team will also analyze the only known photograph of a MIB and talk to the photographer. Finally, the team travels to “the new Area 51” in the Utah desert, to a site rumored to be the place where the MIB originate.

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