June Wandrey, WWII in HD

June Wandrey

Wautoma, Wisconsin
Army Nurse
EUROPEAN THEATER: North Africa, Sicily, Push into Germany, Concentration Camp Liberation
RANK & DIVISION: Army Nurse Corps, First Lieutenant

June begins the war as a fun-loving young woman with a fierce sense of independence that is decades ahead of her time. When the U.S. enters the war she enlists almost immediately, but she is unprepared for the horrors and poor conditions she will face overseas. June battles not only the Nazis, but also hunger, exhaustion, inclement weather and sickness. She often works 18-hour shifts, 7 days a week, caring for the sick, the wounded and the dying. As the war wears on, the daily brutalities tear at her heart, making it harder and harder to keep her fun-loving spirit. But while the constant misery threatens to overwhelm her, June comes to learn that her good-natured attitude is often her most valuable medicine.