Lost Gold of WWII

Desert One: Interview Subjects

David Aaron Carter Administration Deputy National Security Advisor under US President Jimmy Carter.

Mahmoud Abedini Iranian witness 11-year old boy who was traveling by bus with his family through Iran and happened upon the mission as it was in progress.

TSGT Ken Bancroft U.S. Airforce Loadmaster on Republic 4, the C-130 that was in the crash.

Dru Bancroft Ken Bancroft’s wife.

MAJ William G. Boykin U.S. Army, Delta Force One of the original members of Delta Force, the team on the mission tasked with taking the Embassy in Tehran.

SSGT Bucky Buchannan U.S. Marine Corps Helicopter mechanic on the mission. He was on the helicopter with the blade issue (BIM light).

MAJ Lewis “Bucky” Burruss U.S. Army, Delta Force Delta Force officer on the mission.

President Jimmy Carter President of the United States from 1977-1981.

Stuart Eizenstat Carter Administration Carter's Domestic Policy Adviser who offers an inside perspective on how the mission affected the Carter presidency.

Dr. Robert M. Gates At the time of the mission Dr. Gates was the Executive Assistant to the Director of Central Intelligence. Later in life he became the Secretary of Defense under President Barack Obama.

LTC Roland Guidry U.S. Airforce Went on the mission. Commanding officer of four of the six C-130 airplanes. He attended the 2018 memorial at Hurlburt Field in Florida.

Kevin Hermening Hostage, U.S. Embassy Marine Guard In 1979, Hermening was a young 19 year-old US Marine sent to Iran to guard the Embassy. Had never even heard of the country before he was sent.

CAPT Wade Ishimoto U.S. Army, Delta Force Delta Force Intelligence officer who was a key player during mission planning. On the mission he was tasked with securing the road at Desert One.

Ted Koppel ABC News State Department correspondent at the time of the Embassy takeover who eventually becomes the anchor of ABC Nightline.

Jim Lewis Son of MAJ Harold Lewis who died on the Desert One mission. With the support of the Special Officer Warriors Foundation he is now a neurosurgeon.

John Limbert Hostage, U.S. Foreign Service US Foreign Service officer stationed in Iran. Married to an Iranian woman and he speaks Farsi.

Scott McIntosh Son of MAJ Lyn McIntosh who died on the mission. With the support of the Special Officer Warriors Foundation he is now a teacher.

Michael Metrinko Hostage, U.S. Foreign Service. US Foreign Service officer who had been in Iran several years prior to the Embassy taking and is taken hostage. He speaks Farsi.

Vice President Walter Mondale US Vice President under President Jimmy Carter.

Faizeh Moslehi Hostage Taker Hostage taker and now a University and Seminary teacher, and theology professor.

LTG John Pustay At the time of the mission he was the Deputy to the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff. He was actively involved in the mission planning.

Gerald Rafshoon Carter Administration Communications director for the Carter Mondale campaign and later Carter’s Communications Director.

MAJ James Q. Roberts U.S. Army Army officer in Iran at the start of the revolution and later trained to be a truck driver on the mission. Spends the next three decades working in the office of the Secretary of Defense for Special Operations/Low-Intensity Conflict which oversees Special Forces command.

SSGT Richard “Taco” Sanchez He was an airplane loadmaster on the mission and a key figure in the development of the fuel systems employed then and that carry on to this day.

COL Ed Seiffert U.S. Marine Corps Pilot of the lead helicopter and commanding officer of the helicopter team. Key voice in the mission.

Grant Seiffert Col Seiffert’s son.

Cynthia Seiffert Col Seiffert’s wife.

Hossein Sheikholeslam Hostage Taker He was a student in Iran in 1979. He was not in the Embassy the day of the takeover but comes in the days after to act as an interpreter. He currently works in the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an adviser to Foreign Minister Zarif.

GYSGT Jon Sigman U.S. Marine Corps Helicopter mechanic on the mission. He was on the helicopter that turned around and flew back to the USS Nimitz.