AUTHOR: Brynn Holland
Danish Viking Tomb Reveals Unprecedented Gems
March 27, 2017

An elaborate gilded horse bridle belonging to a high-status Viking that was recently uncovered in Jutland, Denmark may be one of the most important findings of all time. Read More

HISTORY Vault: Ancient Discoveries
March 24, 2017

In this week’s featured collection, Ancient Discoveries, find out how ancient knowledge influenced modern military tech. Read More

JFK Diary Reveals Rarely Seen Side
March 24, 2017

John F. Kennedy’s only known diary is up for auction, giving the world a glimpse into the mind of a 28-year-old Kennedy. Read More

The Extraordinary Secret Life of Dr. James Barry
March 24, 2017

How—and why—did a groundbreaking physician pass as the opposite sex for more than 50 years? Read More

HISTORY Vault: Operation Desert Storm
March 17, 2017

Explore Operation Desert Storm, the 42-day U.S. led air offensive in response to Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait. Read More

Panda Diplomacy: The World’s Cutest Ambassadors
March 16, 2017

What has two black eyes, a short fuzzy tail, ears that look like pom-poms and can repair international wounds with nothing but their presence? Read More

You Can Visit the Titanic—But Only if You Act Fast
March 15, 2017

Always wanted to visit the underwater wreckage site of Titanic? Now you can. Read More

HISTORY Vault: Drugs: Altered States
March 10, 2017

Blaze your way through these accounts of illicit substances in Drugs: Altered States. Read More

Intrepid Student Finds WWII Plane Wreckage
March 9, 2017

A homework assignment turned into a stunning discovery for this father-son duo. Read More

HISTORY Vault: Battles of the Deep
March 3, 2017

This week we are diving deep into the best of water warfare with 18 new videos added to Battles of the Deep. Read More