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Tex-Mex Food

Tracing the History of Tex-Mex

Take a look at the history of Tex-Mex, the regional cuisine that food snobs love to hate and millions love to consume.

what goes into a hot tamale?

What Goes Into a Hot Tamale?

More than 9,000 years of social, cultural and religious history combine to wrap up one of Mexico and Central America’s greatest contributions to global cuisine.


Bottoms Up: The Salty History of the Margarita

As Cinco de May nears, revisit the delicious history of this refreshing drink.

hot chocolate

Hot Chocolate for Strength

Today hot chocolate might be thought of as a creamy treat for kids after a day of sledding and snowball fights, but it has been a source of strength and wellness for thousands of years.

Day of the Dead

Day of the Dead Sweets and Treats

Day of the Dead celebrations often incorporate traditional foods, including skull-shaped candies.