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Remembering 9/11: Video

By History.com Staff
Twelve years later, HISTORY looks back at the September 11 attacks. The Emmy-nominated Remembering 9-11 series features items that are set for display in the National 9-11 Memorial Museum. Each video tells the story of one item and the people whose lives it touched on its way into the museum collection. The items range from as small as a set of flight attendants wings to as large as a steel beam cross recovered from Ground Zero.

A Bible found in the rubble of Ground Zero survives in the hands of a photographer.

A pair of wings took flight from Arkansas to Afghanistan and carried with them the love of a mourning father.

Out of the rubble of the World Trade Center rose a symbol of hope for many in the days after 9/11.

A photographer documents the efforts of Ground Zero workers in the days after September 11.

One man spends his life maintaining the elevators that will one day save the life of another.

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