3 The Edge
S 1 E 3

The Edge

Premieres on Aug 25, 2022

Hard lessons shape the participants’ strategies as they balance their immediate needs with an increasing risk of injury. The margin for error gets slimmer as Labrador’s harsh environment, and the frigid Atlantic Ocean, diminishes their body heat, crucial supplies, and their chances of winning $500,000.

Preview 2 Frost Bound

Frost Bound

Premieres on Aug 18, 2022

With no time to waste before brutal Labrador winter temperatures set in, the participants struggle to establish themselves in their harsh new environment. They look to their past experience on Alone for inspiration and find that every decision could make or break their shot at a share of $500,000.

Episode 1 50 Day Freeze
S 1 E 1

50 Day Freeze

Aired on Aug 11, 2022

Six Alone veterans take on their biggest–and coldest–challenge yet when they are dropped on the frigid North Atlantic coast just days before the start of winter. With nothing but a few supplies, participants try to last 50 days in harsh winds, punishing rain, and freezing temperatures to win their share of $500,000.

Episode 99 Before The Freeze
S 1 E 99

Before The Freeze

Aired on Jul 28, 2022

An inside look at History’s new series ALONE: FROZEN that introduces the six ALONE veterans undertaking this extreme challenge. Launching closer to winter than any previous season of ALONE, they must use their skills, past experience, and 10 items to survive 50 brutal days along the frigid and windswept coast of Labrador, Canada. Even worse than the cold and hurricane-force winds, the six participants will compete for resources with two of North America’s largest predators, the black bear, and the polar bear. Those left standing will split half a million dollars. ALONE: FROZEN is the most difficult and dangerous survival experiment ever attempted.

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