Ax Men

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Season 9 (15)

10 Seasons | 166 Episodes

Episode 1 Shelby Strikes Back
S 9 E 1

Shelby Strikes Back

Aired on Nov 22, 2015

Deep in the Louisiana Bayou, Shelby the Swamp Man is back in action, and this time he’s on a special mission. This job is about more than just cashing in–Shelby’s client needs top quality logs to build high-end furniture that will raise money for a local charity. But finding the right logs will push them deeper and deeper into the gator-infested wilderness, and it’ll take everything they have to survive the swamp… and each other. ‘Cause when you make a deal with the Swamp Man you may just get more than you bargained for.

Episode 2 Shelby Gets Schooled
S 9 E 2

Shelby Gets Schooled

Aired on Nov 29, 2015

After stumbling upon a rare historical artifact, Shelby forms an unlikely alliance with Professor Sam Hyde of Southeastern Louisiana University, when they realize they are the perfect team to discover the lost history of the Swamp. With Professor Hyde’s historical expertise, and Shelby’s lifetime of experience on the bayou, the two scour the deepest parts of the Swamp on the hunt for lost treasures. The Louisiana Bayou has been home to many key moments in history, from early Native American settlements to the Civil War battles, and it’s up to Shelby and the Professor to uncover the evidence and preserve the Swamp’s history for generations to come.

Episode 3 Life & Limb
S 9 E 3

Life & Limb

Aired on Dec 06, 2015

The Ax Men are back to take on North America’s deadliest job. Gabe Rygaard faces the toughest challenge of his career as he struggles to keep the family operation in business without his father Craig, who suffered a career-ending injury last season. Papac Alaska heads to a remote, mountainous island to tackle the biggest job in the company’s history. Greg Chapman embarks on quest to find a lost logging train, if only he can fund it. And the Swampman takes on an impossible job for a client with deep pockets, but may be in over his head after pushing the limits too far.

Episode 4 Sloppy Joe
S 9 E 4

Sloppy Joe

Aired on Dec 13, 2015

The already shorthanded Rygaard crew fights Mother Nature as temperatures climb and a massive forest fire burns just over the mountain. Joe is still reeling from his injury, and what should be easiest site of the job could already be too much for the Papac crew. Greg Chapman may have hit the jackpot when he pulls an extremely rare double barrel log from the St John’s River. And the Swampman calls upon his trusty Swamp Buggy in a desperate attempt to win over a new client.

Episode 5 Family Tree
S 9 E 5

Family Tree

Aired on Dec 20, 2015

With Rygaard off to a tough start this season, Gabe is left with no choice but to call upon his son Aidan to step up and fill the family shoes. In Alaska, an overcrowded landing means one wrong move could wipe out the Papac crew below. Down in Florida, Greg’s quest to find the Lost Log Train is back on track after a double barrel jackpot brought in enough cash to fuel his dream. And in Louisiana, Shelby Stanga battles a deadline to deliver the sixteen thousand board foot order he promised his new log buyer.

Episode 6 Madman of the Mountain
S 9 E 6

Madman of the Mountain

Aired on Dec 27, 2015

In Washington, production’s soaring with newest generation of Rygaard on the job, but with an ominous blood sun in the sky the day looks ripe for disaster. In Wyoming, David Zitterkopf is back in action with his son Levi to take on their biggest ever job, but after last year’s health scare, does David still have what it takes to be the self-proclaimed alpha predator? Up in Alaska, Papac’s new unit, dubbed “The Longest Yard”, puts the crew and their equipment to the ultimate test as they string a mile of skyline across the mountainside. Meanwhile in Louisiana, the Swampman’s on a hot streak after delivering a sixteen thousand board foot order, but today he must finish up a big job for a pint sized client. And down in Florida, Greg Chapman continues his quest for the Legendary Lost Log Train at two new sites on the St John’s River.

Episode 7 Root Canal
S 9 E 7

Root Canal

Aired on Jan 03, 2016

Rygaard Logging has been behind the eight ball all season, but when the crew gets surprise visit from logging legend Craig Rygaard, it’s game on. In Wyoming, the Zitterkopfs face a major obstacle in their push to complete their biggest ever job, and they’re forced to get to the root of the problem to get the wood moving. Meanwhile in Alaska, Papac battles the “Longest Yard” unit with its mile long skyline–the longest they’ve ever run. And down south in Florida, the Chapman crew’s quest for the lost log train turns up an unexpected treasure.

Episode 8 Rygaard's Revenge
S 9 E 8

Rygaard's Revenge

Aired on Jan 10, 2016

On Washington’s Olympic Peninsula, Rygaard Logging is fighting to get back on track with the help of patriarch Craig Rygaard. But it’s Craig’s way or the highway, and his return to the mountain is rubbing some of the crew the wrong way. In Louisiana, the Swampman’s under the gun to build and emergency treetop storm shelter to protect his empire from rising floodwaters. Meanwhile in Wyoming, David Zitterkopf’s son Levi gets a crucial lesson in logging, but one wrong move could end it all. And on the Mississippi Delta, two long time bayou boys, Gary Champagne and Eddie Frashier, have given up their fishing days to try their hand at hauling in the green gold.

Episode 9 Log Eat Log
S 9 E 9

Log Eat Log

Aired on Jan 17, 2016

In Washington, Gabe Rygaard pushes his crew to breaking point. Meanwhile on the Mississippi, Delta Gary and Eddie blow up their business to cash in on green gold. Over in the bayou, the Swampman plays demolition derby to help keep the community safe, while in Wyoming one wrong step by David Zitterkopf could see his family empire fall to pieces. In Florida, a mutiny is underway among the Chapman crew.

Episode 10 Every Log Has Its Day
S 9 E 10

Every Log Has Its Day

Aired on Jan 24, 2016

As Papac Alaska pushes deeper into their seven thousand acre site, Joe and Coatsy hike out into the harsh wilderness to devise a plan of attack for the next section of this massive project. Meanwhile in Washington, Rygaard Logging is struggling to get the wood out, and with Aidan slow to fill his family’s cork boots, the company may be on its last legs. Down on the Mississippi Delta, newcomers Gary and Eddie need to step up their game before their venture goes belly up. In Florida, a mutiny forces Greg Chapman to get back to his roots and pull some logs to keep his company afloat, but the old pro may have lost his touch. And in Louisiana, the Swampman gets a massive log order just in the nick of time.

Episode 11 Getting a Leg Up
S 9 E 11

Getting a Leg Up

Aired on Jan 31, 2016

In the Pacific Northwest, the Papac crew is moving on to the most remote and dangerous site of their season. On the St Johns River, the money’s drying up for Greg Chapman and his crew is seeing red, so they’re on a desperate mission to score big and get back in the black. Meanwhile, on the Mississippi delta Gary and Eddie’s new venture is turning into a nightmare. And in the Bayou, the Swampman is under the gun to fill his hundred thousand board foot order, but time ain’t on his side.

Episode 12 Take This Log and Shove It
S 9 E 12

Take This Log and Shove It

Aired on Feb 14, 2016

In Alaska, Mike Papac is forced to step in as Joe and Coatsey’s arguments threaten to bring the job to a grinding halt. Meanwhile at Rygaard, Gabe gives son Aiden a baptism of fire in the rigging, which pushes him to breaking point and raises doubts about his future in the family business. In Wyoming, David Zitterkopf’s back to work after an injury that threatened to end his season, but he must push his body to the limit again to get back in the game. And in Florida, the Chapman crew is back to logging and desperate for green gold, but a huge storm threatens their efforts to keep the business afloat.

Episode 13 Reunited and It Feels Like Wood
S 9 E 13

Reunited and It Feels Like Wood

Aired on Feb 21, 2016

In Louisiana, there’s a storm brewing over the Swamp Man and it’s threatening to wash away his hopes of filling a massive order. In Washington, Gabe deals with the aftermath of Aiden’s mutiny last week, and the burden of finishing the job falls on the shorthanded crew’s shoulders. Meanwhile in Florida, the Chapman crew’s behind the eight ball after they burned through their money chasing the Lost Logging Train, but a grizzly discovery could put things in perspective. Over in Wyoming, David Zitterkopf is limping to the finish line, so he puts out a desperate call to his brother for reinforcements. And on the Mississippi Delta, Gary and Eddie might be to the logging game, but they’re getting to know well the pressures of making an honest day’s wages from the swamp.

Episode 14 Back in Black
S 9 E 14

Back in Black

Aired on Feb 28, 2016

With only two weeks left in the season the Ax Men are sprinting to the finish line. In Washington, all three generation of Rygaard loggers are back on site fighting to regain the King of the Mountain crown. Meanwhile title-holders Papac Alaska Logging is moving into their final section–the “Mother Lode”–but this will be the ultimate test for the worn out crew? In Louisiana, the time has come for Gary and Eddie to see if their gamble to try swamp logging has paid off. And just across the swamp, Shelby Stanga only has a few hours left to deliver his hundred thousand board foot order, so he calls in reinforcements to map out his plan of attack. In Wyoming, David Zitterkopf must come up with a unique plan to hit the bullseye and finish the job. And in Florida, Greg Chapman’s not ready to call it a day, and he’s back on the hunt for the Legendary Lost Logging Train.

Episode 15 All Hail The King
S 9 E 15

All Hail The King

Aired on Mar 06, 2016

The battle for King of the Mountain all comes down to this. Up in Alaska, Papac Logging is barely holding onto their lead, and with the skyline down, their hopes of a three-peat are fading fast. Down in Washington, it’s going to take all three generations of Rygaards to work as a team if they’re gonna reclaim the title, but can they set their differences aside? In Louisiana, Shelby Stanga’s under the gun, but with a secret map to a possible stash of sunken logs, he’ll have to burn the midnight oil to deliver on time. Meanwhile on the St. Johns River Greg Chapman is doubling down with extra boats and men to retrieve what he hopes is a haul of legendary proportions. And on the Mississippi Delta, after last week’s disappointing visit to the mill, Gary and Eddie have one more day to find a score that will save their company from sinking to the bottom of the swamp.

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