Gerrard Williams Hunting Hitler

Gerrard Williams

Gerrard Williams is an international journalist and historian with an esteemed career spanning over thirty years. His resume includes acting as Duty Editor for Reuters, the BBC and Sky News. Williams’ groundbreaking reporting has taken him to the front lines of the fall of the Soviet Union, the Rwandan Genocide, the 2004 tsunami in Thailand and the US occupation of Iraq, among many other international stories.

Ten years ago, while reporting in Argentina, Williams came across evidence in a local archive that changed the way he looked at historical reporting–Nazi war criminals, potentially including Adolf Hitler, used clandestine international routes to flee defeated Germany for safe haven in Argentina and other South American countries.

Using these archives, eye-witness reports and other local histories, Williams published the book, Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler. Despite the rigor in his journalism and his adherence to facts and evidence, the international community has largely ignored him. Today, with the release of classified FBI and OSS documents, his work is finally getting the credit and respect it deserves. Williams has taken over a dozen trips to Argentina, and visited locations like Hotel Eden, Bariloche and the Inalco House years before the FBI files pointed them out as potential locations of intrigue. Unlike his previous efforts, which lacked the finances and technology to dig deep enough to truly uncover anything, he believes that this team won’t be held back in the same way. Williams understands how sensitive to discuss and unfathomable to comprehend this subject is, but he stands by his work and welcomes a spirited debated revolving around the newly released facts.

Bob Baer believes Williams is an invaluable asset to the team. Williams has spent over a decade being laser-focused on the facts surrounding this investigation. He has access to a legion of declassified information and buried contemporaneous BBC reports, and knows everything about the Nazi movements, motives and capabilities of their era. As a journalist, his devotion to the facts provides the precise framework that Baer demands to make this investigation the most in-depth and revealing the world has ever seen.