Tim Kennedy Hunting Hitler

Tim Kennedy

Tim Kennedy is a Sergeant First Class with the 7th Special Forces Group of the US Army and is still part of the most elite section of the Special Forces. Due to his direct work in the Middle East after 9/11, he is essential to this death claims investigation. He and his team were on the ground actively tracking the movements–and the eventual capture–of al-Qaeda leaders Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Osama bin Laden, giving him first-hand insight into the type of actions high-value targets utilize when attempting to evade capture.

Kennedy is currently part of the “Special Forces Detachment Unit” which pools the most elite military minds from the Army, Navy, and Air Force Special Forces to create an unparalleled intelligence and tracking force. In a death claims investigation, this high-level military thinking is key to determining the feasible actions and movements of an individual with the resources a subject has at his or her disposal.

In addition to his work in the Middle East, South America was another of Kennedy’s areas of focus with the Special Forces and he spent many months on the ground in Argentina. He also has extensive experience using technology, such as ground penetrating radar, to gather intel during the tracking of subjects. Among Kennedy’s multiple awards is the Army’s Bronze Star Medal, which was awarded for his valor under fire.