Season 1 (8)

2 Seasons | 16 Episodes

Episode 1 Death on the Mountain
S 1 E 1

Death on the Mountain

Aired on Mar 19, 2019

A team of Americans attempts to solve one of the great mysteries of World War II. With the help of an eyewitness, they explore a mountain in the Philippines where Japanese general Yamashita is believed to have buried a vast treasure during the war.

Episode 2 X Marks the Spot
S 1 E 2

X Marks the Spot

Aired on Mar 26, 2019

Digging continues at Breach-6, but when the team unearths a possible water trap, excavation is put on hold. To find another way into the mountain, the team conducts a LiDAR scan that reveals a cave, perhaps used by Japanese soldiers during the war.

Episode 3 Dead Giveaway
S 1 E 3

Dead Giveaway

Aired on Apr 02, 2019

After discovering a bomb marker, the team brings in an explosives expert to search a cave that may have been a headquarters of General Yamashita during the war. Inside, they uncover a potential booby trap, along with their first hint of treasure.

Episode 4 What Lies Beneath
S 1 E 4

What Lies Beneath

Aired on Apr 09, 2019

The team triggers a possible water trap in the cave and is forced to stop digging. Martin Flagg believes the Story Rock indicates a tunnel behind a waterfall and the team brings in a Navy diver to explore the plunge pools and search for an entrance.

Episode 5 The Backdoor
S 1 E 5

The Backdoor

Aired on Apr 16, 2019

Unable to find a tunnel at the waterfall, the team is guided by an animal marker to a boulder carved in the shape of a turtle. Following the direction of the turtle head, the team discovers a Golden Lily symbol indicating a secret backdoor entrance.

Episode 6 Nazi Concrete
S 1 E 6

Nazi Concrete

Aired on Apr 23, 2019
The team attempts to prove if a tunnel exists behind a unique formation of rocks they believe is a secret backdoor entrance into the mountain. Battling a typhoon and possible Nazi concrete, the team ultimately finds proof of a void 40-feet below.
Episode 7 Blood & Conspiracy
S 1 E 7

Blood & Conspiracy

Aired on May 07, 2019
As the team zeroes in on a tunnel that may be part of the treasure labyrinth, Bingo learns that part of dictator Ferdinand Marcos' fortune may have been stolen from Yamashita's Treasure and uncovers a possible link to a CIA conspiracy.
Episode 8 Tunnel Found
S 1 E 8

Tunnel Found

Aired on May 14, 2019
Peter meets with a man who warns of the deathly risks of searching for Yamashita's treasure, and a connection to the CIA, as the team moves mountains to clear the last obstacles and finds a secret tunnel directly into the mountain.

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