Season 18 (8)

20 Seasons | 178 Episodes

Episode 1 Food: Cookies
S 18 E 1

Food: Cookies

Aired on Feb 21, 2021

Adam Richman visits baking behemoth Entenmann’s to see how they keep up with America’s insatiable demand for delicious and dunkable chocolate chip cookies. Then, find out how Otis Spunkmeyer creates the cookies you find at some of the biggest restaurant chains in America! From Fortune Cookies to your favorite childhood treats, Adam becomes a cookie connoisseur in this episode for all things cookies.

Episode 2 Food: Cheese
S 18 E 2

Food: Cheese

Aired on Feb 28, 2021

Things get cheesy when Adam Richman visits a central Pennsylvanian cheese maker with an award-winning mozzarella they insist on making the authentic Italian way. And you don’t have to tell grocery giant Kroger that cheese is big business–we see how they slice, shred and package over 2.5-million lbs. of cheese per week. Adam learns all the history, incredible facts, and amazing processes behind one of America’s most beloved foods!

Episode 3 Food: Ice Cream
S 18 E 3

Food: Ice Cream

Aired on Mar 07, 2021

We all scream for ice cream when Adam Richman visits the legendary Turkey Hill Dairy to see how they make their famous frosty treat for the masses! Then, sneak a peek into Dreyers’s flavor development process. And the last bite is the best when we find out how Joy Cone bakes over 2-billion ice cream cones per year. From the cow to Carvel, from soft serve to sprinkles, discover how your favorite sweet treat comes to be, and the epic history behind it!

Episode 4 Food: Chocolate
S 18 E 4

Food: Chocolate

Aired on Mar 14, 2021

Follow Adam Richman as he visits America’s oldest candy store to see how they craft decadent chocolate treats. Then, discover how internationally recognized Theo Chocolate produces up to 2.5-million pounds of chocolate per year! Find out where cacao is grown in the United States, how many famous chocolate Easter eggs get produced each day, and we visit the magical workshop of “Mr. Chocolate” himself–Jacques Torres.

Episode 5 Food: Snacks
S 18 E 5

Food: Snacks

Aired on Mar 21, 2021

When it comes to snack foods there’s none wiser than Wise! We tag along as Adam Richman gets full access to see how Wise produces over 50-million bags of sweet and salty snacks per month. Then we get something meatier to bite into when we see how Jack Links is changing the jerky game by converting 17-million pounds of beef into meat sticks at just one of their facilities. Plus, see if Adam can singlehandedly unload 50,000 pounds of potatoes, and treat yourself to some tasty facts behind America’s greatest guilty pleasures!

Episode 6 The Future of Food
S 18 E 6

The Future of Food

Aired on Mar 28, 2021

Adam Richman travels through time to uncover: the Future of Food! With special security clearance to a U.S. Army lab we get a glimpse into the cutting-edge food research that’s taking a quantum leap into the future. At Impossible Foods, we make a delicious discovery and learn why it’s not impossible for plants to look, taste and even bleed like meat. Plus, science fiction becomes fact when we see food grilled and served by robots, food made to last for years, and food made to be eaten in Earth’s upper atmosphere. The future of food is here and it’s tasty!

Episode 7 Fast Food
S 18 E 7

Fast Food

Aired on Apr 04, 2021

Follow as Adam Richman works the line at America’s original fast-food chain, White Castle, to discover how they grill and serve over a million sliders per day! Then, we go to KFC headquarters to uncover the secret history behind Colonel Sanders’ famous 11 herbs and spices. Plus, learn which restaurant claims to be the first drive-in in the United States.

Episode 8 Food: Inventions and Innovations
S 18 E 8

Food: Inventions and Innovations

Aired on Apr 11, 2021

Go behind-the-scenes to see how Jelly Belly creates delicious jellybeans in every flavor imaginable! Then Adam Richman explores kitchen innovator Blue Apron’s 495,000 square foot facility to see how they churn out 4 million mouth-watering meals every month. And, we see how innovating can lead to out-of-this-world ice cream when we go inside the home of Dippin’ Dots to see their super-cool process.

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