Ray Livingston

An elite hunter, outdoor survivalist, and search and rescue K9 handler, Ray Livingston has traveled to some of the toughest environments in the world. The Kettle Range of Northeast Washington, an area with abundant yet challenging natural resources, is where Ray plans to put down roots. Ray recently acquired a small plot of land surrounded by a national forest to build a homestead. Now that he is living in one of the most predator rich environments in the Lower 48, a hotbed for cougars, wolves, bears and coyotes, Ray’s work as a predator and nuisance animal abatement specialist means he receives calls daily from rural landowners to help with problematic animals. Unlike his peers in other states, Ray can’t use dogs to fend off cougars and bears, and he can’t hunt wolves at all because these practices are illegal in the State of Washington. Ray depends on his unique knowledge of the creatures’ behavioral patterns to help maintain a balance through non-lethal means.