Jake Herak

The past year has been an exciting and turbulent one for Montana lion hunter, Jake Herak, and his wife Anika. The two married over the summer and, while they planned to build a cabin on their new land, mounting expenses and the high cost of materials forced them to put off the build for another year. Now, another winter is on the horizon, and for Jake that means returning to his duties as the first line of defense against the predators that roam the Tobacco Root Mountains and threaten the people and livestock of the Ruby Valley below. With nine fully grown and trained dogs, Jake’s pack is stronger than ever and he is determined to take on The Upper Ruby area which has seen an explosion in mountain lions recently. Challenges with access, terrain and weather make this a difficult area to keep up with the lions, but Jake knows if he’s going to have a shot at containing them, this is the year to do it.