Season 11 (12)

12 Seasons | 176 Episodes, 146 Unlocked

 13 Final Face Off
S 11 E 13

Final Face Off

Aired on Dec 08, 2022

On the Season 11 Finale, Alaska’s Mike Horstman makes a death defying climb up and down the sheer cliffs of Kodiak Island leading to a showdown with a monster brown bear. In Montana, Jake Herak and his hounds turn loose on a black bear that leads them up a gauntlet of falling rock and steep terrain. Tom Oar celebrates his improving health by hunting wild turkeys with his brother Jack. In Wyoming, Josh Kirk has multiple close calls with charging bison while rounding up yearlings for market. In North Carolina, Eustace Conway puts the finishing touches on Turtle Island’s new blacksmith forges for the opening of his new camp.

Episode 12 Turning Tides
S 11 E 12

Turning Tides

Aired on Dec 01, 2022

In Wyoming, Josh Kirk fends off dangerous bulls to protect a bison mother while she struggles through a difficult birth. In Alaska, Mike Horstman embarks on a journey to the south end of Kodiak Island to hunt for the largest bears on earth. Martha and Elli Tansy travel to the coast to harvest clams and explore a different side of Elli’s Native Alaskan roots. In North Carolina, Eustace Conway harvests the strongest wood to build new forges and upgrade Turtle Island’s blacksmith shop. In Montana, Jake Herak fights heavy winds to single handedly build a workshop for his homestead.

Episode 11 Wild Drums
S 11 E 11

Wild Drums

Aired on Nov 17, 2022

In Montana, Jake Herak turns all his pack loose on an aggressive mountain lion and comes face to face with a black bear. Tom and Jack Oar build traditional rawhide drums as they prepare to reopen the Trading Post. In Wyoming, Josh Kirk rebuilds his windmill and puts the finishing touches on his outpost cabin to have it ready for calving season. In Idaho, Kidd and Harry Youren lead a pack train of horses deep into the Sawtooth Mountains where they establish a wilderness fishing camp.

Episode 10 Winds of Winter
S 11 E 10

Winds of Winter

Aired on Nov 10, 2022

In Montana, Jake Herak and his young pups head into new territory to chase an aggressive mountain lion that was spotted close to civilization, and make a grisly discovery. In Wyoming, Josh Kirk rebuilds an antique windmill to power his outpost cabin. In Idaho, Kidd and Harry Youren brave the cold waters and raging rapids of the Salmon River to retrieve a capsized canoe. In Alaska, Martha and Elli Tansy put their new truck to work to clear their road of fallen trees after a violent wind storm. Mike Horstman pursues his next meal by hunting geese off the shore of Kodiak Island.

Episode 9 Wheeling and Dealing
S 11 E 9

Wheeling and Dealing

Aired on Nov 03, 2022

In Montana, Tom Oar and Sean McAfee race to preserve a valuable buffalo hide, while Nancy makes a pair of custom moccasins. In Alaska, Martha and Elli Tansy transform a secondhand truck into an off-road beast for hunting season. Mike Horstman battles the tides to tow his wrecked boat to a protected cove. In Wyoming, Josh Kirk rounds up a group of escaped bull bison, and administers lifesaving medicine to a sick member of the herd. In North Carolina, Eustace Conway trades high end lumber for guns, and builds a new shooting range for Turtle Island to train the next generation of hunters.

Episode 8 Winter Kill
S 11 E 8

Winter Kill

Aired on Oct 20, 2022

In Idaho, Kidd and Harry Youren use explosives to battle a deep freeze to protect their cattle’s drinking supply. In Montana, Jake Herak’s young pups learn a big lesson in Lion hunting. Meanwhile in Wyoming, Josh Kirk takes aim at a pack of Coyotes messing with his Bison. In Alaska, A violent winter storm leaves Mike Horstman’s fishing boat high and dry. Eustace Conway digs deep into the hillside to build a greenhouse for Turtle Island.

Episode 7 The Summit
S 11 E 7

The Summit

Aired on Oct 13, 2022

Mike climbs Kodiak Island’s highest peaks to take down a mountain goat, then repels down sheer cliffs to bring home his harvest. Martha and Elli use their tracked vehicle to scout new hunting grounds. Tom and Sean canoe into new waters to trap beaver. Jake and his young pups become stranded and are forced to hike out of the mountains at night. Josh has a plan to heat his outpost cabin and brings in some heavy machinery to get the job done.

Episode 6 Proving Grounds
S 11 E 6

Proving Grounds

Aired on Oct 06, 2022

In Idaho, Kidd and Harry Youren navigate the raging rapids of the Snake River to deliver a scow boat to its new owner. In Montana, Tom Oar teaches 9-year-old Hank McAfee all about trapping. Jake Herak unleashes his young pups on the Mountain Lions of the Tobacco Roots but takes a nasty fall high in the backcountry. Eustace Conway uses all his backwoods skills to build the ultimate firepit for Turtle Island. In Alaska, Martha and Eli Tansy get to work on an all-terrain vehicle that can take on the frozen backcountry of Alaska.

Episode 5 Edge of Darkness
S 11 E 5

Edge of Darkness

Tom receives a diagnosis for his heart condition; Jake hunts coyotes at night; Eustace rebuilds the road to Turtle Island; Mike flies to a distant shore and climbs high into the mountains to hunt goats; Josh and Bonnie each harvest a deer for their winter meat; Kidd and Harry build a heavy duty scow boat from scratch.

Episode 4 Heart and Soul
S 11 E 4

Heart and Soul

Aired on Sep 22, 2022

In Montana, Tom Oar struggles with heart problems, but refuses to give up his Mountain Man way of life. Jake Herak and Anika Ward have added five new puppies to their pack, but preparing the rookie hounds for mountain lion season means running them through a gauntlet of training exercises. In Alaska, Martha and Elli Tansy pack hundreds of pounds of meat back to their base camp, but all could be lost when the brakes fail on the Moose Buggy, sending them into freefall. And Mike Horstman hunts fox for their valuable fur, hoping to earn cash to help him survive a challenging winter.

Episode 3 Bear Lair
S 11 E 3

Bear Lair

Aired on Sep 15, 2022

In Idaho, Kidd and Harry Youren hunt a black bear that tore up their camp, but the chase leads them into a dangerous confrontation. In Alaska, Martha and Elli Tansy finally have a bull moose in their sights, and bring it down with precision marksmanship. In Montana, Tom Oar educates 9-year-old Hank McAfee on the traditional skills of trapping and skinning. And Jake Herak uses brute strength to build a bridge to his new homestead.

Episode 2 No Turning Back
S 11 E 2

No Turning Back

Aired on Sep 08, 2022

In Montana, Tom Oar reunites with partner Sean McAfee to set his winter trap line, but miles of grueling terrain put the veteran trapper’s endurance to the test. Newly engaged Jake Herak and Anika Ward fire up their chainsaws and begin building a homestead from scratch. In Idaho, Kidd and Harry Youren round up their cattle from high mountain pastures, but a surprise bear encounter jeopardizes the mission. And in Alaska, Martha and Elli Tansy embark on an off-road expedition to new hunting grounds.

Episode 1 Forever Free
S 11 E 1

Forever Free

Aired on Sep 01, 2022

In the Season Premiere, Montana’s Tom and Nancy Oar prepare for the long winter ahead. Jake Herak battles dense fog and mountain terrain on foot in pursuit of elk. In Wyoming, Josh Kirk attempts to move a 150-year-old log cabin to the heart of his bison ranch, but the hazardous journey threatens to topple the historic structure. And in Alaska, Martha and Elli Tansy each harvest a caribou, sending them on an all-night off-road mission to extract their kills.

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