Episode 1 Trumpets Sound
S 1 E 1

Trumpets Sound

Aired on Dec 29, 2014

What if the apocalyptic prophecies of Revelation were to unfold today? When the Wailing Wall comes down in a series of bomb attacks that rock Jerusalem, the event kick-starts seven years of torment that will test the limits of mankind. A Pennsylvania cop hunts for hundreds of thousands of children mysteriously missing in a storm-ravaged America. Two scientists race to stop a deadly pandemic that threatens to decimate the world. And a TV reporter trapped inside a war-torn Israel desperately tries to decode the secrets of Revelation.

Episode 2 Road to Babylon
S 1 E 2

Road to Babylon

Aired on Dec 30, 2014

What if the apocalyptic prophecies of the Bible were to unfold today? As the world is ripped apart by a sequence of horrifying catastrophes, a TV reporter and his cameraman embark on an epic road trip across war-ravaged America. Their goal? To decode the secrets of Revelation–and identify the Antichrist. Their journey plunges them into the heart of the Apocalypse. If they can make their way through the rivers of blood, plagues of locusts and fields of fire prophesied 2000 years ago, they stand a chance of witnessing the most extraordinary event of all: The Second Coming of Christ.

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