Episode 1 Secrets & Sins
S 1 E 1

Secrets & Sins

Aired on Jun 12, 2022

Jack Daniel pioneers American whiskey; Adolphus Busch creates an iconic beer; Buck Duke innovates the modern cigarette; and Julius Schmid skirts the law selling his new condoms…all while the temperance movement rises to battle against them.

Episode 2 Empires Lost
S 1 E 2

Empires Lost

Aired on Jun 19, 2022

One of the richest men in the world may lose his tobacco empire, while alcohol titans fight for their lives against the growing threat of Prohibition. And New York City becomes ground zero in the battle to legalize contraception, and a form of gambling that will eventually become the state Lottery.

Episode 3 Sin Cities
S 1 E 3

Sin Cities

Aired on Jun 26, 2022

The invention of the luxury resort casino helps birth Sin City; a Harlem woman goes to war for what will become the state lottery system; an alluring magazine like no other is launched; and one of the most famous cigarette brands in history is created.

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