Episode 1 Race for the Railroad
S 1 E 1

Race for the Railroad

Aired on Oct 10, 2021

Two rival rail companies, led by Charles Crocker of the Central Pacific and Thomas Durant of the Union Pacific, will stop at nothing to best each other while competing to create the most ambitious engineering project the world has ever seen–an unprecedented railroad that crosses through the wild American continent and unites a divided nation.

Episode 2 Liberty Rising
S 1 E 2

Liberty Rising

Aired on Oct 17, 2021

A little-known 19th Century French artist embarks on an impossible 20-year odyssey to build the tallest statue in the world, and erect it on U.S. soil. His 225-ton colossus known as “The Statue of Liberty” will not only become the ultimate emblem of American identity, but will go on to change the way tall structures are built.

Episode 3 Road Warriors
S 1 E 3

Road Warriors

Aired on Oct 24, 2021

Two master roadbuilders spend decades struggling to create a highway system that connects every city and town in America. It will be the greatest public works project in history–more expensive than two thousand Hoover Dams, three times longer than the Great Wall of China, and with enough pavement for three round trips to the moon.

Episode 4 The Panama Canal
S 1 E 4

The Panama Canal

Aired on Oct 31, 2021

Two powerful nations–France and America–compete to build a path just 50 miles long that will connect the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. Completing it will cost 30 thousand lives, $600 million dollars, and require overcoming every obstacle imaginable–from mudslides to malaria to bankruptcy.

Episode 5 Race to the Underground
S 1 E 5

Race to the Underground

Aired on Nov 07, 2021

After the London Underground becomes the first subway system in the world, visionary engineers in New York and Boston vie to build the first one in America. But being first will mean overcoming unprecedented engineering challenges, deadly accidents, fierce political infighting, and the public’s fear of the underground. When the dust settles, the American city will never be the same.

Episode 6 Cable Across the Sea
S 1 E 6

Cable Across the Sea

Aired on Nov 14, 2021

A century before the Internet, two brave visionaries, Collin Perry and Cyrus Field, endure failure and heartache while risking everything to connect the United States to the rest of the world with a cable under the ocean.

Episode 7 Battle of the Bridges
S 1 E 7

Battle of the Bridges

Aired on Nov 21, 2021

Braving treacherous waters 350 feet deep, gale-force winds and earthquakes, obsessed engineer Joseph Strauss and President Herbert Hoover battle side by side to build the two longest suspension bridges of all time in San Francisco: The Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge.

Episode 8 The Hoover Dam
S 1 E 8

The Hoover Dam

Aired on Nov 21, 2021

A hard-driving engineer with a reputation for excellence is on a quest to tame one of the wildest rivers in the United States, bringing much needed water to the arid American West. He’ll struggle with a disgruntled workforce, hellish conditions, and nearly insurmountable engineering challenges, but when it’s done, the Hoover Dam will be as tall as a 60-story building, requiring more material than the Great Pyramid, and with enough concrete to circle the equator.

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