Astrid Played by Josefin Asplund

Astrid is a beautiful young woman who has joined Lagertha’s court at Hedeby. She is a free spirit who refuses to accept social conventions or recognize any barriers to her freedom: she is on a voyage of self-discovery. Lagertha will train Astrid in the arts of war, and the arts of love.


Josefin Asplund

Josefin Asplund is a Swedish-born actress that graduated from the Dramatic Arts Program in Södra Latins Gymnasium in Stockholm, in 2010. Shortly after, she landed her first international role playing opposite Daniel Craig, as his daughter, in The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, directed by David Fincher. The year after she went on to play one of the leads in Call Girl, an award winning Swedish drama directed by Mikael Marcimain. In 2015, Josefin played one of the leads in The Circle, a fantasy drama directed and co-written by Levan Akin, based on the Swedish best-selling novel by the same name. During fall of 2016, Josefin will be seen as “Blanche” in a new TV series called Seven Dwarfs and Me, a French & Belgian co-production, directed by Luc Chalifour. Josefin has been nominated for the Rising Star Award at Stockholm Film Festival both in 2012 and 2015.