Hvitserk Played by Marco Ilsø

Son of Ragnar. Hvitserk and his older brother Ubbe have a special bond because when they were children they jumped together in an icy lake and had to be rescued by Siggy, who died in the attempt. Hvitserk is more complex and a darker character than his brother Ubbe, characteristics which become more pronounced in time and lead to a terrible denouement.


Marco Ilsø

Marco Ilsø is a young self-taught actor, who has been working as an actor since childhood. Recently Marco starred in Mads Matthiesen’s “The Model” produced by Jonas Bagger for Zentropa Entertainments. In the fall of 2014 Marco starred in “The Absent One” directed by Mikkel Nørgaard, playing a young rich kid who studies at a boarding school and commits terrible crimes in his spare time.

Marco debuted in DR’s Christmas series “Mikkel and The Gold Card” in 2008, when he was only 13 years old. Since then Marco has been working on various films including “Rebounce” (2011), “You and Me Forever” (2012) and “Danny’s Doomsday” (2014) by Martin Barnewitz.