Jennie Jacques as Judith, Vikings

Judith Played by Jennie Jacques

Judith is the daughter of King Aelle and wife to Aethelwulf. Her infatuation with Athelstan became her downfall, and their affair led to the birth of the child Alfred, who King Ecbert believes to be a child of God. Judith and her son survived through the protection of King Ecbert, but his protection comes with a price.


Jennie Jacques

Jacques began her acting career in 2009 on “The Bill” for Talkback Thames TV. This was quickly followed by the series regular role of Annie Miller in BBC’s “Desperate Romantics” and the guest lead role of Emily Mullins in “Larkrise to Candleford.” Jacques quickly built on this impressive start with leading roles in movies Cherry Tree Lane (Steel Mill Films), Shank (Revolver Films), Demons Never Die (Exile Media), Truth or Dare (Corona Pictures) and her award nominated role of Sophie in Ground Break Films’ The Other Side.

Prior to her work as Judith, Jennie played the leading role of WPC Gina Dawson in series 1 & 2 of BBC Television’s “WPC 56,” as well as regular character Tash in “The Delivery Man” for ITV.