Archie Sweeney, WWII in HD

Archie Sweeney

Franklin County, New York
Army Corporal
RANK & DIVISION: Army Corporal, 39th Infantry, 9th Division, Company H

Archie is a hard-working, quiet young man who worked two jobs while attending high school, tending his family farm, hunting for food and looking after his eight younger siblings. When the peacetime draft was instituted in the fall of 1940 Archie was the first person in his town to be called up. He was almost immediately shipped off to Ft. Bragg, NC, for basic training. The attack on Pearl Harbor and America’s subsequent entrance into the war was a shocking experience for Archie. His simple background had left him with no real sense of the impending war, and no way to understand the full scope of it. After he is sent to North Africa, Archie writes home to his family during a quiet evening, telling them that he “thinks the war is coming to an end.” He has no idea that North Africa alone is not “the war” and it is most certainly not “coming to an end.”