Episode 2 Devil's Triangle
S 1 E 2

Devil's Triangle

Aired on Sep 23, 2009

The Bermuda Triangle, a 500,000 square mile area in the Atlantic is the world’s greatest unexplained mystery. Ships and planes simply disappear without a trace. The MysteryQuest team takes one of the few survivors of a Triangle encounter on a flight through it to try to determine what could be disorienting pilots. The expedition team dives in the waters of the Bahamas to try to locate the first wreckage of an aircraft lost in a Triangle disappearance.

 3 San Francisco Slaughter
S 1 E 3

San Francisco Slaughter

Aired on Sep 30, 2009

A series of unsolved murders. A cryptic set of clues. A dead end at every corner. The serial killer known as the Zodiac long terrorized the residents of the San Francisco Bay area while taunting police. He was never caught. Now our team of investigators have identified a new suspect, and with the aid of a groundbreaking new DNA technology have the chance to come one step closer to finally solving the mystery of this murderous crime spree.

Episode 4 The Lost City of Atlantis
S 1 E 4

The Lost City of Atlantis

Aired on Oct 07, 2009

The lost city of Atlantis was said to be home to an advanced civilization that thrived almost 12,000 years ago. Some believe that those who lived in Atlantis may have been capable of space travel. But legend says the city disappeared suddenly and violently, swallowed by the ocean in a single day. For centuries, explorers and archaeologists have been trying to locate the submerged ruins of this legendary city. MysteryQuest’s expedition team will reveal new sonar evidence of underwater structures discovered in the Atlantic Ocean. The team dives on these sites to retrieve samples and will use the latest technology and carbon dating analysis to explore whether they could be clues to uncovering the location of the lost city.

 5 Alien Cover-Up
S 1 E 5

Alien Cover-Up

Aired on Oct 14, 2009

Newly declassified documents are providing the opportunity for a deeper investigation into whether governments around the world are engaged in a cover-up of UFO research. MysteryQuest’s expedition and science teams travel to locations in the Nevada desert and in Utah to investigate. Using state of the art technology they investigate these covert US government sites looking for clues about what the government may know. And they experience just how much the government wants to keep its secrets when military helicopters and a fighter jet shadow the team on their trek near the base.

Episode 6 Rise of the Fourth Reich
S 1 E 6

Rise of the Fourth Reich

Aired on Oct 21, 2009
The officers of the SS, Hitler's feared paramilitary unit, were the most notorious war criminals of WWII. Some were brought to justice after the war, but many were able to escape from Germany. A massive secret organization known as Odessa was reportedly formed to help them flee and rebuild a new Reich that would again rise to power. MysteryQuest will investigate by following the path of feared Nazis from Germany, to Austria, and Italy. The team will also travel to Paraguay where many of the Nazis reportedly hid while plotting their new rise.
 7 Devil's Island
S 1 E 7

Devil's Island

Aired on Nov 04, 2009

This island in the middle of San Francisco Bay has a forbidding reputation. Native Americans believed it to be a place of evil spirits. When it became a federal prison in 1934, only the most violent and difficult prisoners in the U.S. were sent there. It was reputed to be escape proof; only three men have ever managed to get off the island. They left in 1962 and have never been found. MysteryQuest investigates to determine whether they could have survived the icy waters of San Francisco Bay.

 8 Jack the Ripper
S 1 E 8

Jack the Ripper

Aired on Nov 11, 2009

In one of the earliest documented serial murder cases, five prostitutes in the Whitechapel district of London were found brutally murdered with throats slashed and bodies mutilated. All the deaths were attributed to one man: Jack the Ripper. Never solved, the accepted theory is that the killer was a local madman. Now, 120 years later new evidence indicates two surprising new theories: the killer might have been a woman, or the killer was not English, but American. MysteryQuest’s team of experts heads to London to follow these leads and examine the evidence first hand.

 9 Stonehenge
S 1 E 9


Aired on Dec 02, 2009

To this day no one knows the true purpose of Stonehenge, the ancient monument in the British countryside. There are many theories: a shrine celebrating a god; an ancient solar calendar; or maybe a sacrificial altar for an unknown pagan religion. MysteryQuest travels to the ancient ruin with a new theory–that ancient people may have used the sound reverberations inside this circle to induce a trance-like state among participants in ancient rituals. Were there bizarre rituals, even sacrifices, to some long-forgotten god? The team will attempt to find evidence that could crack open this persistent mystery.

 10 Return of the Amityville Horror
S 1 E 10

Return of the Amityville Horror

Aired on Dec 09, 2009

The Amityville Horror was perhaps history’s most famous haunting. Nearly every known form of paranormal activity was experienced in this Long Island home. Could the spirit have returned? There are eerily similar phenomena occurring in a new location. MysteryQuest investigates using new technology built specifically for their investigation as they try to prove that these demonic spirits not only exist but that they’ve taken over.

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