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Season 1 (27)

4 Seasons | 78 Episodes

Episode 27 Sports Collectibles
S 1 E 27

Sports Collectibles

Aired on Sep 25, 2021

It’s a team effort to score the best buys. Will Chum strike a deal with a signed Cy Young photo, can Rick step into the ring and take a shot on a famous Muhammad Ali artifact or does Corey slide into home with a vintage bat or let it walk on by?

Episode 26 Cars for Gold
S 1 E 26

Cars for Gold

Aired on Sep 18, 2021

Take a ride with the Pawn Stars as they check out a classic 1932 Roadster and a Rolls-Royce owned by the man in black himself, Johnny Cash. Then, Rick burns up the racetrack when a seller brings in a competition dragster racecar and the guys check out two high performance dune buggies on the same day. Will negotiations on these tricked-out toys strike gold or get stuck in the sand?

Episode 25 American Treasures
S 1 E 25

American Treasures

Aired on Sep 04, 2021

Stand and salute with the Pawn Stars as a parade of American artifacts marches through the shop. The shop is officially in session when excerpts from the first Continental Congress make their way in. Then Rick and Corey meet a man hoping to sell a 1775 Massachusetts war bond but is there something special hidden in the engraving? Later, an archive of items signed by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is brought into the shop. Will this presidential collection get Rick’s vote or will it get vetoed?

Episode 24 Lights! Camera! Pawn!
S 1 E 24

Lights! Camera! Pawn!

Aired on Aug 28, 2021
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Episode 23 Gold Medal Deals
S 1 E 23

Gold Medal Deals

Aired on Aug 21, 2021

The flame is lit, and the crowd is on their feet as the Pawn Stars compete for Gold Medal Deals. First a guy races in with a genuine Olympic torch. Carried in the opening ceremonies of the 1984 summer games, will this piece burn a hole in Rick’s pockets, or will a marathon negotiation make the deal flame out? Then an Olympic gold medal makes its way into the shop. From the 1988 games in Seoul, will Corey stretch out for the win? And later, Rick eyes a diploma from the 1912 Olympics. Awarded for a 2nd place finish in swimming, can Rick turn it into pawn shop gold?

Episode 22 Rock Legends
S 1 E 22

Rock Legends

Aired on May 17, 2021

It’s a Pawn Stars Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame, with guitars and memorabilia from legendary rockers. When Rick meets Billy Gibbons, the Sharp Dressed Man himself, it’s pure record gold!

Episode 21 Gold Rush
S 1 E 21

Gold Rush

Aired on May 10, 2021

Get ready for a gold rush as Rick and his team go in search of treasure that might be worth its weight in gold. From ship-wrecked coins to blinged-out shades, these valuable possessions have the Pawn Stars team seeing dollar signs.

Episode 20 Rick's Gotta Have It
S 1 E 20

Rick's Gotta Have It

Aired on May 03, 2021

What do JFK’s personal cigar box, Jimi Hendrix’ legendary Fender Stratocaster, and Steve McQueen’s infamous “Bullit” Mustang have in common? Rick’s gotta have them, and nothing will stop him from possessing these objects of desire. Will Rick’s obsession leave him satisfied or hungry for a deal?

Episode 19 Touchdown Pawn
S 1 E 19

Touchdown Pawn

Lace up your cleats and charge the field with the Pawn Stars as they show blitz and try to score some of the greatest touchdown deals ever to pass through the shop.

Episode 18 Weird & Wacky
S 1 E 18

Weird & Wacky

Aired on Apr 19, 2021

When a peg leg pistol, dinosaur bone and a tigers eye skull, promising to ward off aliens, comes into the shop, will the guys sail away with the pistol or dig deep for dinosaurs? Because you never know what’s going to walk in the door.

Episode 17 Mega Machines & Thrill Rides
S 1 E 17

Mega Machines & Thrill Rides

Keep your hands inside the vehicle as the Pawns Stars negotiate some heart-stopping, one of a kind rides: Will Corey and Chum run for their lives or their wallets when the world famous 31-ton Robosaurus stops by for a light four wheeled snack? Then is Rick just plane crazy when tries to land a deal for the ultimate aviation machine, an A6 Texan fighter plane? Next, when a one-man submarine surfaces at the shop, will the guys journey deep into their pockets or will this deal remain 20,000 leagues under the sea?

Episode 16 Bam! Pow! Pawn!
S 1 E 16

Bam! Pow! Pawn!

Aired on Apr 05, 2021

There’s a ton of explosive energy when the Pawn Stars meet superheroes. Rick’s spidey sense kicks in over a life-sized Spiderman and some rare original Avengers and X-Men series comics. Chumlee meets Marvel’s superhero creator, Stan Lee and the whole crew check out the most famous superhero car of all time–the Batmobile!

Episode 15 Harrison v. Harrison
S 1 E 15

Harrison v. Harrison

Episode 14 For Rick's Eyes Only
S 1 E 14

For Rick's Eyes Only

Movie props from the world of 007 along with real life code cracking devices and secret guns come in from the cold to the pawn shop.

Episode 13 Space Pawn
S 1 E 13

Space Pawn

Aired on Mar 22, 2021

Rick and the gang geek out when some cool items from the space program land in the store: a signed autographed U.S. flag from Apollo 16, a space shuttle toilet seat, a signed Apollo program book featuring a rare Charles Schultz signature and a far out meteoroid that fetches a nice price. Will the prices be too astronomical for the Pawn Stars?

Episode 12 Wild West Pawn
S 1 E 12

Wild West Pawn

Aired on Jan 11, 2021

It’s High Noon at the Pawn Shop when a man moseys in with a Colt .45, he claims was used to kill Jesse James. Will this legendary gun draw a fortune or wind up shooting blanks?

Episode 11 Trick or Treasure
S 1 E 11

Trick or Treasure

Aired on Dec 28, 2020

A book signed by “Shoeless” Joe Jackson, the original Beatles contract with their manager Brian Epstein and antique Japanese samurai swords–are these one of a kind items the real McCoy? Rick and the Pawn Stars team hold their breath when these unique items pop up in the shop.

Episode 10 Pawn for the Holidays
S 1 E 10

Pawn for the Holidays

Aired on Dec 21, 2020

Rick and the Pawn Stars end up having the last ho-ho-ho when they catch Chum staging a sneaky Secret Santa. Next, will Rick go dashing through the snow in an 1800’s one-horse open sleigh? And later, will Corey and Chum score a classic Lionel train set or have they bitten off more than they can choo-choo?

Episode 9 Pop Art Pawn
S 1 E 9

Pop Art Pawn

Aired on Dec 14, 2020

Four original paintings by Andy Warhol pop up at the Pawn Shop. Will Rick give these rare works their 15 minutes of fame, or send them back to the Factory? And later, Rick revisits his childhood fantasies as he considers buying a pricey collection from “Where the Wild Things Are.”

Episode 8 Infamous Pawn
S 1 E 8

Infamous Pawn

Aired on Dec 07, 2020

Rick, Corey and Chum get their hands on hot items connected to original gangsters and some of the baddest guys in history.

Episode 7 Notorious Pawn
S 1 E 7

Notorious Pawn

Aired on Nov 30, 2020

When items from some of history’s most notorious criminals come into the shop, Rick and the crew must decide if they will execute a deal or set them free.

Episode 6 Pawning on the Road
S 1 E 6

Pawning on the Road

Aired on Nov 23, 2020

Buckle up as the Pawn Stars take to the road, scouring the country for ultra-rare deals. In L.A., Rick is in Magic Kingdom heaven when he discovers an enormous collection of Disney memorabilia. Next stop–can Chum and Rick just do it and pull the trigger on a private collection of Nike shoes worth $1 million dollars’ Finally, Rick heads south in pursuit of his childhood dream. Will he be able to play fireman on his personal fire truck or will the deal go up in flames?

Episode 5 All The Presidents' Pawn
S 1 E 5

All The Presidents' Pawn

Aired on Nov 02, 2020

It’s hail to the chief as the Harrisons dig deep to own rare pieces of Presidential history: die-hard Lincoln fan Rick chases an autographed photo of our 16th president; Corey ponders whether a copy of the Declaration of Independence is authentic or a fake; and will the shop get a deal on JFK’s cigar box or will it all go up in smoke?

Episode 4 Pawn of the Dead
S 1 E 4

Pawn of the Dead

Aired on Oct 26, 2020

Rick and the team get into the Halloween spirit when customers start bringing in some of spookiest and creepiest items.

Episode 3 Big Guns, Bigger Dollars
S 1 E 3

Big Guns, Bigger Dollars

Aired on Oct 19, 2020

Rick and the boys hit the road in search of unique military surplus items and a couple of special guests come to the shop to check out some ultimate blades forged in fire.

Episode 2 Big Scores & Slam Dunks
S 1 E 2

Big Scores & Slam Dunks

Aired on Oct 12, 2020

It’s a Slam Dunk for Rick when he basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar throws him a deal of his spectacular sports memorabilia and Chum takes a spin at Ice Hockey with a legendary player.

Episode 1 Six Figure Muscle Cars and Gold Bars
S 1 E 1

Six Figure Muscle Cars and Gold Bars

Aired on Oct 05, 2020

It’s pedal to the metal as the guys check out a tricked out Dodge Demon. Rick gets to channel his inner Steve McQueen in a ’51 Chevy and then it’s off to the track to race with the pros in a limited edition Mustang. Meanwhile back at the shop, Rick gets his hands on some gold bars–is it shipwreck treasure?

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