This Day In History: November 13

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See what happened on November 13 in this video of This Day in History. The Supreme Court ruled that the racially segregated buses of Alabama were unconstitutional on November 13, 1956. This ended the Montgomery Bus Boycott. On November 13, 1986, Ronald Reagan defended secretly sending arms to Iran in a televised address to the nation. On November 13, 2001, the Taliban fled the Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan. This allowed the United States forces and the Afghan forces to successfully take over the capital of the country. Lastly, on November 13, 1982, the memorial dedicated to the veterans of the Vietnam War was unveiled. The memorial was built with polished granite, and it displays the names of over 60,000 veterans. Although this was protested by veterans who thought there should be a more traditional memorial, the memorial remains a popular site for tourists.