Callie Russell

Season 1

Age: 33
Location: Montana
Profession: Ancestral Living Skills Instructor

Callie is at home in the wilderness; she loves slowing down and being on “wild time”. She is a goat herder and scavenger-gatherer, who lives nomadically following the seasons and wild food. She strives to understand the role humans play in the intricate web of life.

While working as a guide in wilderness therapy, Callie realized that she was most joyous and peaceful when she was immersed in the rhythms of nature. She decided to walk away from many modern comforts and committed her life to learning skills that have allowed her to stay in the wilderness for longer and longer periods of time.

Since 2010, she has been living outside, under trees, tarps, canvas, and in caves. Several of those years were spent living with and being sustained by a herd of pack goats that she raised.

Living outside has allowed her to become proficient in many ancestral skills including felting, basket weaving, and gathering plants for medicine, food, and art. Her most specialized skills however are being able to drink copious amounts of goat milk and gaze into the fire for hours on end.

In the fall, she skins deer and elk at a wild game processor, harvesting hides that she then tans and sells through her business, Montannery. She also tracks mountain lions for a conservation project, works with a hunting guide packing goats in the backcountry, shares skills with kids at nature connection schools, and teaches workshops where she enjoys empowering others to develop their connection to the wild world.

Callie dove right back into raising pack goats after Season 7 of Alone. She starts her days milking them before wandering the mountains with her loyal herd. Callie’s goats love affection, are highly trainable, and all have unique personalities. She’ll miss seeing their cute faces while on the Labrador coast, and wishes that a goat could be one of her 10 items.

Callie is extremely grateful for the rites of passage of her previous Alone experience and is hoping that this time around will be as equally rich and powerful. She hopes to be blessed with an abundance of food so that she can experience the joys of living as a wild human being.