Mark D'Ambrosio

Season 1

Age: 37
Location: Ridgefield, WA
Profession: Outdoor Lifestyle & Wine Entrepreneur

Being an avid outdoorsman, Mark joined the Marine Corps at 22 and spent close to 10 years conducting operations for the recon and sniper communities. In 2017, Mark started International Mountain Survival where he teaches individuals and groups how to shoot, hunt, and survive.

Since Alone Season 7, Mark started his own winery in Washington called The Woodsman Selection. With each interactive wine bottle, he hopes to encourage people to get outdoors and try their hand at archery, hunting, survival, and fishing. When Mark isn’t working, he can be found spending his free time with his 3-year old son Max.

On this new Alone experience, Mark’s main goal is to make Max and the recon and sniper communities proud.

Favorite food: Coffee
Spirit animal: Squirrel
Zodiac sign: Leo
Specialty: Adventure