Greg Ovens

Season 1

Age: 58
Location: British Columbia
Profession: Survival Content Creator

Greg is a self-taught survivalist who, since he was a boy, has read nearly every book on the topic. He started his first bow drill fire when he was 13 and spent the next 40 years learning bushcraft and studying plants and edibles. He has even developed some of his own survival techniques for hunting and trapping. When his 2 daughters were born, he eagerly shared with them his love of the wilderness, and they spent nearly all of their time together in the woods picking berries and camping.

Since Alone Season 3, Greg has continued to practice survival skills, which he shares on his popular YouTube channel. He currently lives in a teepee with his new dog and remains close with his daughters. His hope this season is not only to make it to the 50-day deadline, but also to enjoy the challenge along the way.