Amós Rodriguez

Season 1

Season 7
Age: 43
State: Indiana
Profession: Ancestral Skills Practitioner and Instructor

A native of Central America, Amós grew up hiking and hunting in the hills and volcanoes of the region. Growing up during El Salvador’s Civil War helped Amós increase his urban survival and awareness skills. His wilderness and urban survival skills gave Amos a foundation for a life off the grid, living with primitive skills.

During the post-war period, Amós assisted rural communities devastated by the violence. These experiences increased his humanism, his self-identification as a native of Central America and highlighted the need to be an advocate for strong and regenerative communities.

In the fall of 2000, he received a scholarship to finish his higher education in the United States. This education, as well his travel experiences, allowed him to move deeper into his connection to place, ancestry and self. Spiritual journeys, such as the Sundance Ceremonies he participates in, have reinforced the pillars of his spiritual life and daily spiritual practices.

Since Alone Season 7, Amós has continued refining and teaching primitive hunting as well as providing training in the philosophy and psychology of survival. Amós has also provided comprehensive land management and nature connection consulting as part of his life goal of creating a better future for the next 7 generations.

On his last Alone stint, Amós dedicated his experience to the environment. This time, his intentions and prayers while out on the land are for the indigenous children that were unable to tell their stories.